What is AgSO4?

What is AgSO4?

Silver(II) sulfate has silver ions with a +2 charge, which is why only one silver ion is required to balance the -2 charge of the sulfate ion. Its chemical formula is AgSO4. Silver(II) sulfate is black.

Is silver sulfate ionic formula?

Silver sulfate has two forms. Ionic compounds have to be electrically neutral so the quantity of silver ions in the bond with the sulfate is determined by its charge. Silver(I) sulfate is Ag2 SO4 and silver(II) sulfate is AgSO4.

How is silver sulfate formed?

Silver sulfate is formed when sulfuric acid reacts with silver nitrate. During the reaction, Ag+ ion is formed and hence 2 equivalent silver ions will give rise to a neutral salt along with 1 equivalent sulfate ion.

What is the chemical formula of sulfate?


What is the silver sulfate solution?

Silver sulfate is the inorganic compound with the formula Ag2SO4. It is a white solid with low solubility in water….Silver sulfate.

Appearance Colorless solid
Odor Odorless
Density 5.45 g/cm3 (25 °C) 4.84 g/cm3 (660 °C)
Melting point 652.2–660 °C (1,206.0–1,220.0 °F; 925.4–933.1 K)

What is chemical formula of sodium sulphate?

Sodium sulfate/Formula

Which is the formula for sodium sulfate?

What is the formula for phosphate?


What is the coefficient of silver sulphate?


Property Value
Partition Coefficient No data available
Purity Percentage 99
Purity Details >=99%
Solubility in Water 8.16-8.26 g/l (20 °C)

What is the chemical equation for sulfate?

The sulfate or sulphate (see spelling differences) ion is a polyatomic anion with the empirical formula SO2−. 4. Sulfate is the spelling recommended by IUPAC, but sulphate is used in British English.

What is the solubility of silver sulfate?

Silver sulfate (Ag2SO4) is an ionic compound of silver used in silver plating and as a non-staining substitute to silver nitrate. This sulfate is stable under ordinary conditions of use and storage, though it darkens upon exposure to air or light. It is minimally soluble in water.

What is the formula for silver hydrogen sulfate?

Silver (1+) hydrogen sulfate. Molecular Formula HAgO. 4. S. Average mass 204.939 Da. Monoisotopic mass 203.864655 Da. ChemSpider ID 13904999. – Charge.

What is the chemical formula for silver sulphide?

Silver(I) sulfide, also known as silver sulfide and silver sulphide, is a chemical compound. Its chemical formula is Ag2S.