What is another name for team norms?

What is another name for team norms?

Team norms—sometimes known as ground rules—revolve around how members of a team will interact, communicate, and conduct themselves as team members.

What’s another way to say small group?

What is another word for small group?

cabal clique
group bunch
crew fraternity
cadre clan
band league

What is Norm slang?

Normie is a slang for a “normal person,” especially someone seen to have conventional, mainstream tastes, interests, viewpoints, etc. It is intended as an insult but often used ironically. Normie is also sometimes used by specific in-groups to refer and distinguish themselves from specific out-groups.

What is the synonym of norms?

Some common synonyms of norm are average, mean, and median.

What is a scientific control group?

control group, the standard to which comparisons are made in an experiment. A typical use of a control group is in an experiment in which the effect of a treatment is unknown and comparisons between the control group and the experimental group are used to measure the effect of the treatment.

What is another word for controlled variable?

It is also known as a constant variable or simply as a “control.” The control variable is not part of an experiment itself—it is neither the independent nor dependent variable—but it is important because it can have an effect on the results.

What is the synonym of operation?

action, activity, exercise, affair, business, undertaking, step, enterprise, task, job, process, procedure, manoeuvre, campaign.

What is a big group called?

A large group of people with a shared characteristic. herd. crowd. horde. mob.

What do you call a small organization?

small enterprise. micro business. micro enterprise. entrepreneur. mom-and-pop business.

What does Group C mean on a race car?

A sticker on a race car from the 1984 24 Hours of Le Mans, denoting the car is part of the Group C category. Group C was a category of motorsport, introduced by the FIA in 1982 for sports car racing, along with Group A for touring cars and Group B for GTs .

What is the Group C racing series?

The Group C Racing Series recreates the great days from the Sports Car racing in the 1980’s when these cars raced in the World Sportscar Championship.

What is the racing & sports cars group?

This group is intended to cater for racing, sports racing and clubman sports cars with a competition history established between 1st January 1961 and 31st December 1965. This group caters for production touring and touring cars built before 31st December 1972.

Can a group C car have a roof?

A new category formed especially by race organizers also saw modified Group C cars without roofs. In fact, a former C1 car disguised as a road-legal GT car which was entered in the GT1 category, the Dauer 962 Le Mans, and won the race after transmission problems by a leading Toyota 94C-V.