What is considered the best blues song ever?

What is considered the best blues song ever?

Here are the best blues songs of all time that are compulsory listening.

  1. The Thrill is Gone – B.B. King.
  2. Hoochie Coochie Man – Muddy Waters.
  3. Hellhound On My Trail – Robert Johnson.
  4. Boogie Chillen’ – John Lee Hooker.
  5. Crossroad Blues – Robert Johnson.
  6. Born Under A Bad Sign – Albert King.
  7. Big Chief – Professor Longhair.

Who is most famous blues artist?

The main source being The All Music Guide To The Blues (Miller Freeman Books).

  • Otis Spann (1930 – 1970)
  • Albert Collins (1932 – 1993)
  • John Mayall (1933 – )
  • Freddie King (1934 – 1976)
  • Paul Butterfield (1942 – 1987)
  • Johnny Winter (1944 – )
  • Eric Clapton (1945 – )
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan (1954 – 1990)

Who are some popular blues artists?

Top 10 Legendary Blues Artists

  • Robert Johnson.
  • Ray Charles.
  • Howlin ‘Wolf.
  • Eric Clapton.
  • John Lee Hooker.
  • Etta James. Etta James was a beautiful singer who achieved great success despite the troubles in her life.
  • Buddy Guy.
  • Albert King.

What are some of the most recognized early songs of the blues?

BB King – The Thrill Is Gone.

  • Robert Johnson – Me And The Devil Blues.
  • John Lee Hooker – Boogie Chillen.
  • Little Walter And His Jukes – My Babe.
  • Howlin’ Wolf – Evil.
  • Robert Johnson – Crossroads.
  • Blind Lemon Jefferson – Matchbox Blues.
  • Muddy Waters – Got My Mojo Working.
  • What are the three famous blues songs?

    Top 10 Blues Songs of All Time

    • I Cant Quit You Baby – Otis Rush.
    • I’d Rather Go Blind – Etta James.
    • Crossroad Blues – Robert Johnson.
    • Pride and Joy – Stevie Ray Vaughan.
    • I’m Tore Down – Freddy King.
    • Born Under A Bad Sign – Albert King.
    • Sunshine of Your Love – Cream.
    • Hoochie Coochie Man – Muddy Waters.

    What are the 3 main chords in of the blues?

    Essentially, the blues is a specific progression that uses the C7, F7, and G7 chords. (For the sake of brevity, I’ll only look at playing blues in the key of C). The blues chord progression lasts 12 bars (thus the phrase “12-bar blues”) that move in a familiar pattern using those three chords.

    Is Elvis Presley a blues singer?

    Elvis Presley revolutionized popular music by blending the blues he first heard as a youth in Tupelo with country, pop, and gospel. Elvis’s sound inspired countless other artists, including Tupelo rockabilly musician Jumpin’ Gene Simmons, whose 1964 hit “Haunted House” was first recorded by bluesman Johnny Fuller.

    Who is the real blues musician?

    Pre-1940 blues

    Name Birth year Death year
    Mississippi John Hurt 1894* 1966
    Jim Jackson 1890* 1937*
    Papa Charlie Jackson 1890* 1950*
    Skip James 1902 1969

    What is one of the blues songs?

    What key is blues played in?

    Blues guitar keys The two most common keys in blues music are E and A. There are others, but these two keys are the most common.

    Did Elvis play the blues?

    Elvis Presley – Tupelo Elvis Presley revolutionized popular music by blending the blues he first heard as a youth in Tupelo with country, pop, and gospel. Elvis first encountered the blues here in Tupelo, and it remained central to his music throughout his career.

    What are the top 10 blues songs of all time?

    The Most Influential Blues Songs Of All Time. BB King: ‘The Thrill Is Gone’. Producer Bill Szymczyk – yes, the same one who’d make millions a few years later with The Eagles – caused a small Howlin’ Wolf: ‘Evil’. Robert Johnson: ‘Crossroads’. Muddy Waters: ‘Got My Mojo Working’. Junior

    Who is the best blues guitarist of all time?

    The 30 best blues guitarists in the world today. 1. Joe Bonamassa. The world’s most high-profile blues guitarist has spent 2019 packing out pretty much every large, red-plush seated theater he 2. Eric Clapton. 3. Derek Trucks. 4. Buddy Guy. 5. John Mayer.

    What are Your Top 5 favorite contemporary blues bands?

    Jon Spear Band Contemporary Blues 3 Open Road Colin James Blues Rock 4 15 Long DIstance Woman Christone “Kingfish” Ingram Contemporary Blues 5 5 Back on Top Buffalo Nichols Acoustic Blues *NEW* 6 I Heard It Twice Mississippi MacDonald Contemporary Blues 7 2 A Bluesman Came to Town Tommy Castro Contemporary Blues 8 4 Texas Girl and Her Boots

    What genres of Blues are there?

    Acoustic Blues Alt. Rock Americana Country Blues Rock Classic Blues Contemporary Bluegrass Contemporary Blues Contemporary Folk Hot Country Roots Rock Soul Soul Blues Traditional Bluegrass Singles Charts – Genres – Bluegrass Blues Country Folk Jazz Pop R&B Religious Rock World – Sub Genres – Acoustic Blues Alt. Rock Americana Country