What is LEED 101?

What is LEED 101?

This first edition in an on-going series, LEED 101, breaks down the LEED certification process bite by bite. The very first step-even before registering your project-is confirming that your building can meet all seven Minimum Program Requirements. The requirements are the same for every rating system.

What are the requirements for LEED certification?

1. Must comply with environmental laws. Basically, don’t pollute. This is very easy for most buildings; a grey area for program types like coal fired power plants-the archenemy of LEED. 2. Must be a complete, permanent building or space.

Is there a minimum size for LEED buildings?

4. Must comply with minimum floor area requirements. Yes, there is a minimum size for LEED buildings: 1,000 sf for whole buildings and 250 sf for interior spaces. There is no maximum. 5. Must comply with minimum occupancy rates.