What is Maji desu ka?

What is Maji desu ka?

“Only You” (2011) “Maji Desu ka Ska!” (まじですかスカ!, Maji Desu ka Suka!, Seriously, Ska!?) is the 45th single of the Japanese group Morning Musume, released on April 6, 2011 on the Zetima record label.

What Maji means?

Maji [mah-jee] is an intensifier, used for situations where you want to add a real emphasis, like the English words very, really, and so.

What does Boya mean in Japanese?

The Japanese boya (坊や) means boy in English.

What does kuh mean in Japanese?


Acronym Definition
KUH Kyushu University Hospital (Fukuoka, Japan)
KUH Kobe University Hospital (Japan)
KUH Kinki University Hospital (Japan)
KUH Kidney Urologic and Hematologic Diseases

How do you use Maji in Japanese?

Maji de / まじで Roughly translating to “really” or “For reals?” the phrase maji de can be used as a question, “Are you serious?” or to add emphasis like in the phrase, “Maji de yabai,” which means “seriously insane.”

What does Maji mean in Indian?

Maji is baby boy name mainly popular in Hindu religion and its main origin is Hindi. Maji name meanings is Boat Men, Navik.

Does Yabai mean crazy?

Yabai /ヤバイ Yabai, which literally translates to “dangerous,” is a common expression of awe or admiration among young people. The equivalent of calling something “wild” or “insane,” it can be used both positively, “His dance moves are crazy good,” or negatively, “Nah, that’s too crazy for me.”

Does Japanese sound like Spanish?

There is only ONE Romance language that Japanese phonemes and pronunciation approximates—Spanish. Spanish and Japanese share the same short vowels—a, e, i, o, u—and the languages have no long vowels. Consonants in both Japanese and Spanish are tight and clipped and pronounced hard at the tip of the tongue.

Why does Japanese have so many homophones?

Japanese Homophones Ridiculously more common. The reason for this is simply that Japanese has fewer sounds than English, so the chance of two words sharing exactly the same sound is higher. It’s also an extremely regular language, so it favors certain syllable patterns more than others, leading to even more homophones.

What does kanke Nai mean?

Nothing to do with me
Short and sweet: “Kankei nai” is the ultimate brush-off, meaning “Nothing to do with me.”

What does Maji-ka mean?

But still, “maji” is basically a slang for the youth, so if you’re old enough to be a teacher, you’d only use it jokingly. Of course, females also do use “maji-ka?” if it’s meant to be said in a jokingly tone among friends.

What does Maji mean?

What is the meaning of Maji? The Japanese word “maji” has several meanings. For example, “south winds in Shikoku region”, “Japanese auxiliary verb”, “being square or earnest”.

What does か (ka) desu ka mean?

か (Ka) is a question mark, “desu ka” is how you end a question. か (Ka) is a question mark, “desu ka” is how you end a question. ~desuka? is an interrogative sentence. ex) Are you Spanish? → Spanish desuka? ~desuka? is an interrogative sentence. ex) Are you Spanish? → Spanish desuka?

What is the correct way to write Maji?

Currently, when expressing “maji” in writing, it often goes “マジ” in katakana. However, when writing in kanji, it is often written as “本気” helped by such the yankii culture. In addition, during the late 80’s and early ’90s, the then-popular comedians often used “maji” in their shows.