What is nutriflex Lipid special?

What is nutriflex Lipid special?

Nutriflex Lipid 56/144 special without electrolytes contains fluids and substances called amino acids and fatty acids that are essential for the body to grow or to recover. You are given Nutriflex Lipid 56/144 special without electrolytes when you are unable to eat food normally.

How much is Nutriflex?

Total Parentral Nutrition Nutriflex Lipid Peri 3cb 1250ml, B BRAUN, Prescription, Rs 3000 /bag | ID: 22885367555.

What is Nutriflex?

Nutriflex special is specifically indicated for adults and children aged 2-17 years with moderate to severe catabolism, a condition where patients are burning up their stores of energy, protein, etc. faster than they can be replaced.

How do you administer NuTRIflex?

This medicine will be administered to you by intravenous infusion (drip), that is, through a small tube directly into a vein. It can be infused into smaller (peripheral) veins or larger (central) veins. Before infusion the solution must always be brought to room temperature.

How do I take NuTRIflex?

It is recommended that Nutriflex Peri should be given as a continuous infusion over 24 hrs at a maximum rate of 40 drops/min. The duration of treatment is normally 3-7 days. The aseptic precautions necessary when administering amino acids should be closely observed.

How do you take NuTRIflex?

How do you use NuTRIflex Lipid Peri?

Do you lose weight on TPN?

Weight loss at 1 week after surgery was less in TPN patients compared to controls and this difference remained statistically significant up to 6 months after termination of the nutritional treatment. A similar, although not statistically significant, difference was noted in total body potassium and triceps skinfold.

Why would a patient need parenteral nutrition?

You may need parenteral nutrition for one of the following reasons: Cancer. Cancer of the digestive tract may cause an obstruction of the bowels, preventing adequate food intake. Cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy, may cause your body to poorly absorb nutrients.

How many mL is NuTRIflex?

The dosage must be adjusted according to the patient’s individual needs but 1,000-2,000 mL Nutriflex Plus per day may be regarded as a normal dose, and should suffice for the majority of circumstances. If there are no contraindications, the dose maybe in the range of 0.8-1.4 g amino acids/kg body weight/day.