What is relation between momentum diffusivity and viscosity?

What is relation between momentum diffusivity and viscosity?

Prandtl Number: It is the ratio of momentum diffusivity (ν) and thermal diffusivity (α). Pr = ν / α ν = Momentum diffusivity (Kinematic Viscosity) = μ / ρ ,α = Thermal diffusivity = k / ρcp, μ = Dynamic viscosity, ρ = Density of fluid.

Why is viscosity due to transport of momentum?

Variations of velocity within a fluid result in the transport of momentum, which is normally referred to as viscous flow. Variations in temperature result in the transport of energy, a process usually called heat conduction.

What is the equation for momentum transfer?

Multiply the second object’s mass by its velocity. For example, if it weighs1,000 and has a velocity of -30 meters per second, then its momentum will be 30,000 kg meters per second. Add the two velocities together to determine which way the objects will move after collision.

What is viscous momentum?

Viscous stresses are caused by molecular diffusion across the boundary enclosing the control volume. If the molecular diffusion causes fluid molecules to move into a region of fluid with a different velocity, then momentum is transferred and a viscous stress exists.

What is high momentum diffusion?

Momentum diffusion most commonly refers to the diffusion, or spread of momentum between particles (atoms or molecules) of matter, often in the fluid state. This transport of momentum can occur in any direction of the fluid flow. Momentum diffusion can be attributed to either external pressure or shear stress or both.

What is the law of viscosity?

Viscosity is the physical property that characterizes the flow resistance of simple fluids. Newton’s law of viscosity defines the relationship between the shear stress and shear rate of a fluid subjected to a mechanical stress. The viscosity is independent of the shear rate.

What is the meaning of momentum transfer?

In particle physics, wave mechanics and optics, momentum transfer is the amount of momentum that one particle gives to another particle.

What does momentum transport mean?

In momentum transport, an incompressible Newtonian fluid contained between two large parallel plates of area, separated by a distance is considered.

What is momentum transfer in fluids?

➢ Momentum transfer in a fluid involves the study of the motion of fluids and the forces that produce these motions.

What is momentum transfer in chemical engineering?

Momentum transport deals with the transport of momentum in fluids and is also known as fluid dynamics. Energy transport deals with the transport of different forms of energy in a system and is also known as heat transfer. Mass transport deals with the transport of various chemical species themselves.

What is molecular momentum transfer?

Molecular momentum transfer is the phenomenon whereby particles experiencing a force in a liquid drag surrounding particles to move in the same…