What is Remedios Varo best known for?

What is Remedios Varo best known for?

She is known for her enigmatic paintings of androgynous beings engaged in magic arts or the occult. Varo was raised in a well-educated family. Her father, a hydraulics engineer, taught her technical drawing when she was young.

Was Remedios Varo married?

Gerardo Lizarragam. 1930
Benjamin Péret
Remedios Varo/Spouse

What influenced Remedios Varo?

During her childhood in Spain, Varo was influenced by her engineer father, who taught her to draw, and her strict Catholic schooling, against which she rebelled. Following her graduation from art school, she pursued Surrealism and political change.

What type of artist is Remedios Varo?

Remedios Varo/Periods

Remedios Varo Uranga was one of the few acknowledged female surrealist painters of the first half of the 20th century. She defied the male dominated artistic world of that era through her unique and peculiar approach to Surrealism.

Why did Varo stay in Mexico?

Varo arrived in Mexico at the end of 1941 having had to flee the oppression of Vichy France and the Nazis. She had been accepted by the Mexican government and granted the status of a political exile for one year but which could be renewed.

Was Remedios Varo a witch?

Remedios Varo’s works are sprinkled with alchemical symbolism, magic, and memories. A magical exile and not exempt from adventures and friendship with other “witches of surrealism.” …

How old is Remedios Varo?

54 years (1908–1963)
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How many siblings did Remedios Varo have?

Rodrigo Varo, Jr.
Luis Varo
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When was Remedios born?

December 16, 1908
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Who is Remedios Varo?

Remedios Varo was born María de los Remedios Alicia Rodriga Varo y Uranga in the small town of Anglès, located in the province of Girona in Spain. Her father, Rodrigo Varo y Zajalvo, was a hydraulic engineer, whose work often necessitated moving his family throughout Spain and North Africa.

What is the inspiration behind the work of visual Varo?

Varo’s artistic training began in childhood when her father asked her to copy the technical plans and architectural diagrams of his various projects. A stickler for detail, he often had Varo redo her work thus instilling the lifelong trait of perfectionism.

What did Carolina Varo do for a living?

Once in Mexico, Varo took on a variety of jobs hand painting furniture, restoring pre-Columbian artifacts, and working in commercial design. In 1942, she worked with Marc Chagall, designing costumes for a ballet, Aleko, and in 1947 she went to Venezuela and worked on an advertising campaign for the Bayer pharmaceutical company.