What is supplementary view?

What is supplementary view?

Supplementary views are more related to your data. The collection view layout still decides where to put them, but they are provided by the collection view data source, just like regular cells.

What is swift UICollectionView?

An object that manages an ordered collection of data items and presents them using customizable layouts. iOS 6.0+

What is UICollectionView supplementary view?

The UICollectionViewFlowLayout, that our app is using, already provides optional header and footer views for each section. Here the header and footer views can be referred as the supplementary views of the flow layout. By default, these views are disabled in the flow layout.

What is collection reusable view?

UICollectionView is one of the most important classes in UIKit, used to display data to a user in a customized layout. An example of such a layout is the iOS Photos app, which shows your data ordered in the grid layout and allows you to select an image and share or reposition it in your grid view.

What is compositional layout Swift?

Compositional layouts are a declarative kind of API that allows us to build large layouts by stitching together smaller layout groups. Compositional layouts have a hierarchy that consists of: Item , Group , Section , and Layout .

How do you use compositional layout?

Sections and items described in a compositional layout correspond 1-to-1 with the sections and items of our collection view data source. Groups, however, don’t have a data source equivalent, nor do they render content like items/cells. They’re used solely to describe the layout of our items within a section.

How do I use UICollectionView?

How to make a UICollectionView using Interface Builder (IB) in Xcode?

  1. Drag a UICollectionView object to your view controller.
  2. Set proper constraints on the collection view.
  3. Set dataSource & delegate of the collection view.
  4. Prototype your cell layout inside the controller.
  5. Add constraints to your views inside the cell.

How do I make my UICollectionView scroll horizontal?

Add a UICollectionView to your view controller using the story board or programmatically. Add constraints to the newly added UICollectionView. It’s important to have a fixed height for this collection view as it will scroll in one direction. Set the scroll direction to horizontal.

What is a uicollectionviewlayout class?

A subclass of the UICollectionViewLayout class, the layout object defines the organization and location of all cells and supplementary views inside the collection view. Although it defines their locations, the layout object doesn’t actually apply that information to the corresponding views.

How do I rearrange items in a uicollectionviewcontroller?

The UICollectionViewController class provides a default gesture recognizer that you can use to rearrange items in its managed collection view. To install this gesture recognizer, set the installsStandardGestureForInteractiveMovement property of the collection view controller to true.

How does the collection view apply layout information to corresponding views?

The collection view applies layout information to the corresponding views because the creation of cells and supplementary views involves coordination between the collection view and your data source object. The layout object is like another data source, except it provides visual information instead of item data.

How does uicollectionviewdiffabledatasource work?

A UICollectionViewDiffableDataSource object manages this process automatically. If you’re using a custom data source, then whenever you add, delete, or rearrange data in your collection, you use the methods of UICollectionView to insert, delete, and rearrange the corresponding cells.