What is the best LNB frequency of DD Free Dish?

What is the best LNB frequency of DD Free Dish?

DD Free Dish

S.No.​​ ​Transponder Frequency (MHz) ​LNB Frequency (MHz)
​1. ​10990 ​09750
2.​ ​11070 ​09750
3.​ ​11150 ​09750
4.​ ​11570 ​10600

How do I change the frequency on a DD Free Dish?

Know how to Manually Tune DD Free dish 11090 Frequency – Press Menu Button >> Program Setup >> Add New Program >> Type 11090/V/29500 Frequency >> Select Mode – FTA / FREE >> For Scan / Search Press – OK.

What is the LNB frequency?

A Universal LNB has a switchable local oscillator frequency of 9.75/10.60 GHz to provide two modes of operation: low band reception (10.70–11.70 GHz) and high band reception (11.70–12.75 GHz).

How do I get all the DD channels?

Tv-On-Go Doordarshan app is available on Play store, and it can directly stream the channels to your smartphone, laptop. You will be needing an additional device, a dongle or Wi-Fi device. There are dongles available for mobile reception. You can buy them directly from e-commerce stores as Amazon and Flipkart.

How many DD channels are there?

Channels. Doordarshan operates 46 studios and 21 television channels: two all-India channels (DD National and DD News), 17 regional satellite channels, 11 state networks, an international channel (DD India), a sports channel (DD Sports), DD Bharati, DD Retro, DD Urdu and an agricultural channel, DD Kisan.

What is 22K in DD Free Dish?


How do I add a channel to my free dish?

Ensure that you have selected satellite GSAT-15. b) Select Add New TP menu. c) Enter TP Frequency as 11090 MHz. d) Select the Symbol rate as 29500 Ksps….MPEG-4 HD / SD FTA Set Top Box –

  1. Satellite Name: a) Go to the Installation menu or setup the Programme from the remote.
  2. LNB Configuration:
  3. Transponder (TP) Edit:

What is the LO for Ku band?

1000 Ku-Band Quad Band PLL LNB

input frequency band 3 Ku-Band: 11.70 – 12.75 GHz
input frequency band 4 Ku-Band: 12.25 – 12.75 GHz
lo stability +/- 10 kHz
lo type PLL

What is KU band used for?

The Ku band is mainly used for satellite communications, especially downlink, used by direct-transmission satellites for satellite television and specific applications such as the NASA’s Tracking Data Relay Satellite used for both the space shuttle and for communications from the International Space Station (ISS).

How can I get free DTH connection?

DD FreeDish is the only free DTH service in India in which you get free TV channels. Free means no monthly expenses. DD Free Dish is run by Prasar Bharati, which is a part of the Government of India.

How can I add free channels in DTH?

a) Go to the Installation menu or setup the Programme from the remote. b) Select the Satellite Edit menu. c) Select the Add New Satellite menu.

How to setup DD Free Dish frequency2021?

Here you can find DD Free dish Frequency2021, which helps you to set and add a new program. First, you have to point your Ku-Band DTH antenna angle to 93.5 east direction, then you can fill these frequency details in your set-top box for manual and auto scan. But you should check LNB frequency before adding the TP list.

How many channels can I get on DD-Free Dish?

But if you are thinking of buying a DD Free dish Set-Top Box, then you must find an upgraded and better set-top box model to receive more than 170+ TV channels., including MPEG-4 channels then you should buy the Prasar Bharati approved DD Free dish set-top box. Which channels are coming on DD-free dish?

How to tune DD Free Dish set-top box?

You can tune any DD Free dish set-top box using a given blow satellite frequency. This DD Free dish channel list included only MPEG-2 channels list with TP frequency and logo if you want to check another channel list including MPEG-4 channels list, HD channel list, and radio list.

What is DD Free Dish MPEG-4 frequency?

These frequencies included DD Free dish MPEG-4 Frequency, DD Free dish HD frequency list which is very useful for setup and auto scan. You can use this frequency to tune all the channels. You can manually create a satellite by visiting in satellite list and fill the following details. Here are satellite downlinking details.