What is the creature on Maveth?

What is the creature on Maveth?

Millennia ago, the Kree trapped the Inhuman monster known as Hive on Maveth by transporting him through the Monolith; since then, early forms of Hydra have sent explorers through, ostensibly to find a way back, but also partly as sacrifices to keep Hive alive.

How did Hive destroy Maveth?

In 1839, several of HYDRA’s lords and nobles held a meeting at HYDRA Castle in Gloucestershire, England. On Maveth, the lord was quickly intercepted by Hive, who killed the human and used his body as a host.

How did Ward escape Maveth?

Hive commandeered the body of Grant Ward and also escaped the destruction of the HYDRA Castle; finally returning safely back to Earth, he crossed paths with Gideon Malick.

What planet is Jemma Simmons on?

planet Maveth
After Simmons is trapped on the planet Maveth for six months, she becomes “profoundly different”, with Henstridge describing her as “definitely still her essence—she doesn’t just completely change. But she’s been through so much.

Does Jemma Simmons have powers?

Powers and Abilities She has gained certain abilities like: Super-Strength: Jemma has been shown capable of breaking down metal doors and swiftly knocking down S.H.I.E.L.D. agents with one arm.

Who is the inhuman in the monolith?

According to Gideon Malick, the creature is a powerful Inhuman who was destined to rule the Earth, until he was banished from it through the Monolith’s portal. Since then, Hydra was formed with the sole purpose of returning the Inhuman to Earth, and has been working towards that goal for generations.

How did Ward get back to Earth?

Over these centuries, that society evolved into HYDRA. Eventually, Hive possessed Grant Ward’s dead body when he was killed by Phil Coulson with his prosthetic hand on Maveth, and was able to return to Earth once more.

Does Ward turn good again?

Ward managed to escape many months later and rejoined HYDRA under Daniel Whitehall. However, he left the organization again after Whitehall’s death along with Kara Palamas. Ward ended up accidentally killing Palamas, and he rejoined the remnants of HYDRA, deciding to rebuild the organization and become its new leader.

Does Ward come back in Season 4?

Grant Ward was originally introduced as a member of Phil Coulson’s team before being outed as a HYDRA mole during the latter half of Season 1. The character would be killed off in Season 3 but returned for the “Agents of HYDRA” story arc in Season 4.

What is Jemma Simmons IQ?

high IQ (not low IQ) 96.5. 27.

Do Fitz and Simmons have babies?

Child of Genius Alya Fitz was born halfway through the Earth year 2020, on the S.H.I.E.L.D. ship Zephyr One in deep space. Her birth was the result of her parents, genius engineer Leo Fitz and biochemist Jemma Simmons, taking a years-long break from building a time machine to aid their S.H.I.E.L.D.

Is Simmons a hydra?

Simmons is now a biochemist for Hydra… but don’t worry, it’s just a long term, undercover mission. She realized that the lab work she was doing involved someone she knew. She saved Donnie Gill (Dylan Minnette) in “Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Season 1, and now Hydra wanted him back.

Is Maveth a godforsaken planet?

“This whole godforsaken planet is evil.” Maveth (Hebrew for Death, spelled מָוֶת) is a planet light years from Earth. Thousands of years ago, it was home to an advanced, utopian civilization that was destroyed by the exiled Inhuman Hive.

What does maaveth mean?

Maveth was believed to have once been a beautiful paradise. The planet was home to nine technologically advanced civilizations, which thrived in nine different cities.

What happened to Maveth after the war?

However, the peace was broken and Hive, a powerful Inhuman who was banished from Earth through a Monolith, observed as the people of the nine cities destroyed each other through war, leaving Maveth a desolate wasteland.

How did hive get the monolith to Maveth?

Using the Monolith, the society would transport chosen human sacrifices to Maveth so that Hive could inhabit a new host, effectively ensuring he lived as long as it took for them to bring him back. In 1839, several of HYDRA ‘s lords and nobles held a meeting at HYDRA Castle in Gloucestershire, England.