What is the funniest episode of The West Wing?

What is the funniest episode of The West Wing?

In Excelsis Deo (season one, episode 10)

  • Celestial Navigation (season one, episode 15)
  • Let Bartlet Be Bartlet (season one, episode 19)
  • In the Shadow of Two Gunmen (season two, episodes one and two)
  • 17 People (season two, episode 18)
  • Two Cathedrals (season two, episode 22)
  • Bartlet for America (season three, episode 9)
  • What is the best episode of West Wing?

    15 Best Episodes of The West Wing, According to IMDb

    1. 1 Two Cathedrals (9.8/10)
    2. 2 In The Shadow of Two Gunmen: Part I (9.5/10)
    3. 3 Noël (9.4/10)
    4. 4 In The Shadow of Two Gunmen: Part II (9.3/10)
    5. 5 Twenty Five (9.3/10)
    6. 6 What Kind of Day Has It Been (9.2/10)
    7. 7 The Supremes (9.2/10)
    8. 8 Election Day, Part 2 (9.2/10)

    Why did Sam leave West Wing?

    Sam Seaborn was a fan-favorite character on The West Wing, but left in the fourth season along with actor Rob Lowe — here’s why. Despite his charm and charisma, Sam was written out of the show in the fourth season as a result of disagreements over pay and the diminishing size of his role on the show.

    Why did Ainsley leave West Wing?

    Speaking to Empire Magazine, Sorkin explained how it was his biggest regret to not make her a series regular. He said: “I made a mistake with Emily Procter. I loved her on the show and when I had a chance to lock her up as a series regular, I didn’t take it.

    Is The West Wing the best show ever?

    Through its run, The West Wing was nominated for 95 Primetime Emmy Awards with 26 wins. The West Wing ran for seven seasons. Aaron Sorkin’s The West Wing is counted as one of the best television shows of all time.

    What actor on The West Wing did Aaron Sorkin not like?

    Aaron Sorkin’s Biggest Regret Was Losing Ainsley Hayes I loved her on the show and when I had a chance to lock her up as a series regular I didn’t take it.

    How accurate is West Wing?

    Realism. While The West Wing is not completely accurate in its portrayal of the actual West Wing, former White House staffers and journalists have described the show as capturing the feel of the real West Wing.

    Who does Sam Seaborn marry?

    Lisa Sherborne
    This article describes a work or element of fiction in a primarily in-universe style.

    Samuel Seaborn
    Occupation Deputy White House Communications Director (seasons 1-4) Deputy White House Chief of Staff (last episode of season 7)
    Family Unnamed father
    Spouse an ex-fiancée – Lisa Sherborne
    Nationality American

    Does Rob Lowe regret leaving West Wing?

    Rob Lowe has no regrets about leaving The West Wing In an interview with Empire, the veteran actor said that it was the right decision, especially considering the other creative changes that followed in the wake of his departure. “I had no regrets when I did it.

    Is Emily Procter still acting?

    Emily Mallory Procter (born October 8, 1968) is an American actress and activist. She played Ainsley Hayes in the NBC political drama The West Wing (2000–2002; 2006) and Det….

    Emily Procter
    Years active 1995–2016, 2020–present
    Partner(s) Paul Bryan (2008–present)
    Children 1
    Website www.emilyprocter.com

    Does Sam Seaborn date Ainsley?

    A more fun dynamic for Sam was his relationship with Ainsley Hayes (Emily Procter) from the White House Counsel’s Office. But as Ainsley suffered worse treatment at the hands of other staffers, Sam realized that he was being a bully, and they got along.

    Did Sam Seaborn win his election?

    During the fourth season, Sam decides to run for Congress in his home district — the California 47th in Orange County, California — in a special election held after deceased Democratic candidate Horton Wilde posthumously makes history by defeating arch-conservative Republican incumbent Chuck Webb.

    What are the best episodes of the west wing?

    15 Best Episodes of The West Wing, According to IMDb. 1 15 Take This Sabbath Day (8.9/10) The main plotline of this season one episode is an attempt to overturn the death sentence of a drug dealer. It’s so 2 14 Celestial Navigation (9.0/10) 3 13 18th And Potomac (9.0/10) 4 12 Tomorrow (9.0/10) 5 11 Bartlet for America (9.1/10)

    What episode of ‘the west wing’ is in this White House?

    While technically every episode of “The West Wing” could be named “In This White House,” it’s the fourth episode of Season 2 that gets the honors. In the episode, POTUS acted against the wishes of his staff when he hired a feisty Republican commentator.

    Why watch ‘the west wing’?

    Slide 1 of 51: With today’s hectic political climate, there are no shortage of reasons to revisit NBC’s classic “The West Wing.” Created by Aaron Sorkin, the iconic show depicted life inside the White House with dramatic precision.

    What happened to the west wing after Aaron Sorkin left?

    Many dedicated fans will tell you that the show went downhill after Sorkin left at the end of season four. The numbers on IMDb bear that out— only one episode from the post-Sorkin era of The West Wing breaks into the top 10 episodes of the show.