What is the meaning commotion in the dictionary?

What is the meaning commotion in the dictionary?

Definition of commotion 1 : a condition of civil unrest or insurrection The commotion was finally brought to an end and peace was restored. 2 : steady or recurrent motion the commotion of the surf. 3 : mental excitement or confusion … startled … into no ordinary state of commotion.—

What does commotion mean Oxford dictionary?

/kəˈməʊʃn/ [countable, usually singular, uncountable] ​sudden noisy and confused activity or excitement. I heard a commotion and went to see what was happening. The crowd waiting outside was causing a commotion.

What’s an example of commotion?

The definition of commotion is a state of confusion, especially noisy confusion or hubbub. An example of commotion is a kindergarten classroom on the first day of school when the teacher is late. A state of turbulent motion.

What are the types of commotion?

A state of turbulent motion. An agitated disturbance or a hubbub.

What is the meaning of counted on the commotion?

I had counted on the commotion to get to my desk without being seen; but, of course, that day everything had to be as quiet as Sunday morning. Word Meaning: counted on: depended upon. commotion: noise and confusion.

What does outwitted mean in English?

1 : to get the better of by superior cleverness : outsmart. 2 archaic : to surpass in wisdom.

What does outwitted mean?

Definition of outwit transitive verb. 1 : to get the better of by superior cleverness : outsmart. 2 archaic : to surpass in wisdom.

What sterilizing means?

: to make (something or someone) sterile: such as. a : to free from all viable microorganisms (as by the use of steam or dry heat) sterilize surgical instruments in an autoclave. b(1) : to deprive of the power of reproducing through surgery sterilize cats and dogs.

Is commotion negative or positive?

Generally, it means that people are angry or loud. It could mean that things are out of order. Riots and loud, angry protests cause a commotion. The only use of the phrase that could be positive is when people cause a commotion over a product or person.

Why did friends count on the commotion?

Answer: The narrator (Franz) had counted on the hustle and bustle that was usual when the school began in order to enter there unnoticed. He had thought he could depend on the commotion to get to his desk without anybody noticing that he was late for the class.

What happens when the church clock struck 12?

When the church clock struck twelve, the trumpets of the Prussians returning from their drill sounded at which M. Hamel stood up, very pale, in his chair. He tried to give his farewell words but choked.

What does it mean to outwit your rivals?

transitive verb. If you outwit someone, you use your intelligence or a trick to defeat them or to gain an advantage over them. To win the presidency he first had to outwit his rivals within the Socialist Party.