What is the most populated Alliance server?

What is the most populated Alliance server?

US most populated Alliance realms

Guild Active members Founded
Eternal Kingdom 177 06.09.2012
318 Boss kills** where a total of 1128 members of the guild have participated*
Evolved 173 25.08.2018
172 Boss kills** where a total of 858 members of the guild have participated*

How is Area 52 server?

As of October 13th, 2019, Area 52 is one of the highest Horde population servers in North America. According to U.S. Realm Pop (https://realmpop.com/us-area-52.html), Area 52 is 93.7% Horde and 6.3% Alliance. Free server transfers opened to Terokkar PvE to try to relieve overpopulation.

Is Horde more popular than Alliance?

If you look at the total WoW population, Hazzikostas clarified that the Horde and Alliance split is pretty even. For certain social and hardcore players, though, Horde did become the more popular choice, which has negatively affected high-end raiding and dungeon-running communities.

Is sargeras a good server?

Sargeras is also known as one of the best PVE servers in the US. Sargeras is home to World #3, US#1 guild Midwinter (As of Patch 6.1) and has a very strong Alliance PVE base.

Is proudmoore an alliance server?

Proudmoore is a large US, PvE, and PST-based server. The server has a much heavier Alliance side. Reportedly, there are about ten Alliance characters for every one Horde character.

Is Illidan Horde or Alliance?


Alliance 139
Horde 11 245
Overall 11 384

Is Area 52 a connected realm?

Area 52 is a PvE realm that opened January 16, 2007 as the destination realm for transfers from the overpopulated realms of Bloodhoof, Gilneas, Icecrown, Lothar and Stormrage. Area 52 operates on Eastern Standard Time.

Where are the WoW servers?

They are located in:

  • Chicago, Illinois (moved from Dallas, Texas in June 2010)
  • Los Angeles, California.
  • Sydney, Australia (moved from Los Angeles on October 28, 2014)

Why does everyone play Horde?

That’s just one of several reasons why players tend to choose Horde. It’s also a popular faction simply due to its aesthetic: undead, orcs, trolls, blood elves—there’s a race that appeals to every kind of player.

How do you say LOL in Alliance?

Horde says ‘j o a a f’, Alliance reads ‘n i g g a’. Horde says ‘d c d’, Alliance reads ‘l o l’.

Where is sargeras realm located?

Chicago Datacenters

Type Realm Name IP Address
US Eastern Time
PvP Sargeras
PvE Staghelm
RP-PvP Twisting Nether

Is Proudmoore Horde or Alliance?


Alliance 2 215
Horde 502
Overall 2 717

Why are Wow servers down?

World of Warcraft server status or problems. When WOW servers are down, it usually means a Battle.net outage which also means that it affects other Blizzard games online such as Overwatch. It could also be due to the fact that the Legion expansion launched in August 2016 is just too popular and fans can’t play World of Warcraft Legion as a result of intense server load.

What are the WOW vanilla servers?

Project Ascension.

  • Turtle WoW.
  • VanillaPlus – Vanilla Server.
  • Duskhaven PTE 3.3.5.
  • RetroWoW – 1.12.1 – Vanilla.
  • Projeto WOW Luaprata/Project WOW Silvermoon – Nascente do Sol.
  • Kronos WoW – Kronos III.
  • Elysium – Nighthaven.
  • VanillaGaming – 1.12.1 WoW Server.
  • NostalGeek – WoW Vanilla.
  • Are Wow servers down?

    World of Warcraft servers are almost always live, but occasionally, they do go down. Knowing when they go down, and when they’ll be live again, can help you plan out your playing sessions. On a weekly basis, WoW servers go down for a short maintenance period around 9am CT .