What is the purpose of Federal Shariat Court?

What is the purpose of Federal Shariat Court?

laws was instituted, and the Federal Shariat Court, a court of Islamic law (Sharīʿah), was set up in the 1980s; the primary purpose of this court is to ascertain whether laws passed by parliament are congruent with the precepts of Islam.

How many Federal Shariat courts are there in Pakistan?

Federal Shariat Court
Number of positions 8
Website www.federalshariatcourt.gov.pk
Chief Justice of the Federal Shariat Court
Currently Muhammad Noor Miskanzai

What are the powers and jurisdiction of Federal Shariat Court?

The Federal Shariat Court (FSC) of Pakistan is vested with an extraordinary jurisdiction to examine laws and customs having the force of law in terms of their conformity to Islamic injunctions.

When did the Federal Shariat Court came into existence?

Keeping this situation in view, the Federal Shariat Court was established in May, 1980.

Who is first Chief Justice of Pakistan?

Sir Abdul Rashid
In modern tradition, the chief justice has the ceremonial duty of administering the oath of office of the president of Pakistan. The first chief justice was Sir Abdul Rashid….

Chief Justice of Pakistan
Formation 27 June 1949
First holder Abdul Rashid (as Federal Chief Justice)

Who is the Chief Justice of Balochistan?

Justice Naeem Akhtar Afghan
Justice Naeem Akhtar Afghan took oath as Chief Justice of the High Court of Balochistan on 09th August, 2021.

Who is the first Chief Justice of Federal Court?

Sir Maurice Gwyer
The first Chief Justice was Sir Maurice Gwyer and the other two judges were Sir Shah Muhammad Sulaiman and M. R. Jayakar. It functioned until the establishment of the Supreme Court of India on 28 January 1950, two days after India was declared a republic.

Who is current Chief Justice of Federal Court of Pakistan?

Gulzar Ahmed
The current chief justice is Gulzar Ahmed; incumbent since 21 December 2019….

Chief Justice of Pakistan
Status Chief justice
Seat Supreme Court of Pakistan Building, Islamabad, and Lahore
Nominator Prime Minister of Pakistan
Appointer President of Pakistan

What is the meaning of Shariat in English?

noun. the body of canonical law based on the Koran that lays down certain duties and penalties for Muslims.

Who was the first Chief Justice of Federal Court?

The Constitution Act of 1935, except Part II thereof, came into force on 1st April 1937 on which date the Federal Court was also established in India. Sir Maurice Gwyer was appointed as its first Chief Justice and Sir Shah Mohammad Sulaiman and Mr. Mukand Ramrao Jaykar ….

Who is the CJ of Supreme Court?

The 48th and present chief justice is N. V. Ramana.

Which city is called heart of Pakistan?

10 – Lahore: The Cultural Heart of Pakistan.