What is the real reason that Hamlet kills Polonius?

What is the real reason that Hamlet kills Polonius?

For what Hamlet did to kill Polonius was unnecessary, he did not know that it was Polonius, Hamlet thought it was Claudius, and instantly, he was genuinely in a bad spot for what he is going through. Hamlet may not plan to carry out his father’s revenge, therefore making his decision can fulfill his destiny.

Does Hamlet regret killing Polonius?

Does Hamlet show remorse for killing Polonius? How can you explain Hamlet’s reaction? No. He believes it is his destiny to right the wrongs in Denmark.

Who does Hamlet blame for Polonius death?

Hamlet’s death at the hands of Laertes makes his earlier declaration over Polonius’s corpse, that God has chosen “to punish me with this and this with me,” prophetic (III. iv. 174). His murder of Polonius does punish him in the end, since it is Laertes’ vengeful rage over that murder that leads to Hamlet’s death.

What is ironic about Hamlet killing Polonius?

Situational Irony Hamlet unintentionally kills Polonius as he was spying on Hamlet’s conversation with his mother. Application of Irony: Hamlet suspects that the person spying on him is Claudius. However, he dies by poison first because the sword that was intended to kill Hamlet was used on him.

What happens after Hamlet kills Polonius?

Hamlet, thinking that Polonius is actually Claudius, stabs blindly through the curtain, killing Polonius on the spot. Instead of feeling any remorse, Hamlet turns on his mother, attacking her for marrying Claudius so soon after her husband’s death.

How does Claudius find out that Hamlet has killed Polonius?

When Rosencrantz and Guildenstern exit, she tells Claudius about her encounter with Hamlet. She says that he is as mad as the sea during a violent storm; she also tells Claudius that Hamlet has killed Polonius. Aghast, the king notes that had he been concealed behind the arras, Hamlet would have killed him.

What does Hamlet say after he kills Polonius?

Thou wretched, rash, intruding fool, farewell!

How does Hamlet feel about having accidentally killed Polonius?

What is ironic about Polonius final line?

What is humorously ironic about Polonius saying, “Brevity is the soul of wit”? It is because he keeps saying how he’s going to be brief but he keeps saying so much he loses the point which is, Hamlet is crazy in love.

What is the main cause of death in the play Hamlet?

Claudius dies on-stage, stabbed and poisoned by a vengeful Hamlet (the stabbing seems to be the fatal blow, since he dies immediately). Hamlet dies on-stage, stabbed by Laertes with a blade poisoned by Claudius (it seems to be the poison that kills him, since he takes a while to die).

Why does Hamlet kiss his mother?

What is Hamlet trying to do in his confrontation with his mother? It is possible that he wants her to confirm her knowledge of Claudius’s crime, to provide further proof of his guilt. Or it may be that Hamlet wants to know whether she was complicit in the crime.

What is the Kings main concern when he finds out that Polonius has been killed?

Gertrude tells him. What is Claudius’ main concern when he finds out that Polonius has been killed? He finds out that Ham is actually trying to kill him.

What did Hamlet do to Polonius?

Hamlet stabs the carpet with his sword and Polonius dies. At first, Hamlet thinks that it was the king behind the carpet. The queen blames Hamlet for such a bad deed and he tells her that her marrying the murderer of the king is also a bad deed. Gertrude is shocked. Hamlet tells her what he knows about his father’s death.

How is hamlet rude to the Queen in Hamlet?

Hamlet is rude in his words, the queen gets scared that he is going to kill her and calls for help. Polonius also screams for help from behind the carpet trying to save the queen. Hamlet stabs the carpet with his sword and Polonius dies. At first, Hamlet thinks that it was the king behind the carpet.

What are the main events of the scene with Claudius and Polonius?

Main events of the scene: Polonius and Claudius spy on Ophelia and Hamlet, find out that it’s not because of love that the prince is behaving so weirdly; Hamlet voices his most famous lines “To be or not to be”;

What did Hamlet do next in the mouse trap?

What he did next, however, certainly was no accident. The story so far: Hamlet has sprung his mouse trap, playing out Claudius’ crime in front of him with the help of the actors. Claudius reaction has, as Hamlet anticipated, “caught the conscience of the king.”