What is the showbizpizza archive?

What is the showbizpizza archive?

We have the largest online archive of ShowBiz and Chuck E. Cheese documentation dating back to 1977, archival photographs, historical video clips, and an ever expanding pool of information. The Informational section of ShowBizPizza.com features all of our reference material.

What is the showbiz fansite?

We are a non-profit fansite dedicated to the archival and display of all things relating to ShowBiz Pizza Place, Chuck E. Cheese’s, and the Rock-afire Explosion. We want kids of ALL ages to be able to relive their past and share their love of these unique restaurant concepts and animated characters.

Is there a menu template for a pizza parlor?

Get this menu template for your pizza parlor or organized event, with its simple and print-ready design. The Pizzeria Restaurant Menu is the perfect food menu template for your Italian restaurant or pizza joint. It has a unique neutral color scheme that’s pleasing to the eyes and presents the menu well.

How can I create a pizza menu?

Anyone can now create an elegant pizza menu as long as you use our sample templates. The design allows you to insert the items and pictures to come out with an excellent menu. You can now download our free pizza menu template in an editable vector EPS file format. The example available here can carry three pizza items for the customer to pick from.

Is showshowbiz pizza affiliated with CEC Entertainment Inc?

ShowBiz Pizza.com does NOT have any affiliation with CEC Entertainment Inc, or Creative Engineering Inc. No copyright/trademark infringement is intended. All names, characters, and references in this site are copyright/trademark their respective owners. Updates by SP.com Staff.

Does this pizza Fiesta Restaurant have a front wall?

*This restaurant was one of the “ShowBiz Pizza Fiesta” international restaurants. This particular one seemed to not have a front wall – instead the game room was open to the outside and half of the amusements were outside similar to a McDonalds playplace. – CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD ZIP OF ALL PHOTOS –