What is the Shure Beta 58A?

What is the Shure Beta 58A?

The Shure Beta 58A is a high output supercardioid dynamic vocal microphone designed for professional sound reinforcement and project studio recording. It has become a leading choice among vocalists and touring professionals worldwide.

What is included with the ulx2/beta58 handheld transmitter?

Includes ULX2/BETA58 handheld transmitter, ULXS4 standard diversity receiver, microphone clip, grip/switch cover, screwdriver, zipper bag, two 1/4 wave antennas, power supply, 9V battery, and user guide. Rack hardware not included with ULXS4 receiver.

Is the Beta 58A mic good for music?

The Beta 58a is a great mic if you want to start making music also for live recordings and performances, it is great when you are playing live. I definitely recommend this mic for people who want to start making music and are getting into singing and performing.

Is this a real Shure mic?

This not a Shure, but a clone. There’s a lot of tiny details in the packaging, giving this away, and in terms of the actual mic. A real Shure has certain important characteristics – for example a really good anti-shock system protecting the capsule, specifically designed for live use.

What is the Beta 58A microphone?

The BETA 58A is a top-selling, single-element, dynamic microphone, and can be seen every night on stages all around the globe. Loading We’re sorry, but this item is unavailable. Only Left! Call to order! Detailed policy information regarding customer service numbers, service modifications, and replacement parts.

Why choose the Beta® 58A?

For decades, the BETA® 58A has been through the wringer, pushing voice to the forefront on the biggest stages in the world. For sound that commands the attention of the entire crowd, this is your microphone. Loading Call to order! On stage or in the studio, the BETA 58A is made for refined voice.

Is the Beta 58A a singer’s best friend?

Call to order! On stage or in the studio, the BETA 58A is made for refined voice. The brightened midrange and bass roll-off give lead and background vocals a mighty presence in the mix. And the supercardioid pattern works harder to isolate your sound from every other source in the air. You could say it’s a singer’s best friend.