What is the song in the new 02 advert?

What is the song in the new 02 advert?

The music playing in this O2 advert is a song called ‘Shallow Grave’ that was recorded by the hip-hop and rap artists Wilma Vritra & Vritra & Wilma Archer.

Is Anne-Marie going to release Ooh Child?

https://priority.o2.co.uk/Track: ‘Ooh Child’ covered by Anne-Marie, produced by Rudimental, with b… Hi, there are no plans for this to be released as a single.

What’s the song on booking com?

Booking.com Advert – Here You Come Again – Song by Dolly Parton.

What is the Sky Sports song?

Continuing from last season, the music playing during the 2021 to 2022 opening sequence of the Premier League coverage on Sky Sports is a tune called ‘Stop This Flame’, which can be previewed or downloaded from Amazon UK.

What is the music on the sky cinema advert?

The song playing in the ad is an original instrumental arrangement by Jonathan Goldstein of The Sound of Music’s ‘My Favourite Things’.

Who did the song Ooh Child?

Five Stairsteps
O-o-h Child/Artists

What is the song on the booking com advert?

What is the song on the new booking com commercial?

Booking.com Advert – Seven Wonders – Song by Fleetwood Mac. Joining a number of other recently released Booking.com adverts, the travel and hotel booking website is now airing a new commercial featuring a track by Fleetwood Mac. Here we have all the soundtrack details: Advert Music: Seven Wonders.

What is the song in the new O2 Priority experiences advert?

This brand new O2 Priority Experiences advert titled ‘It’s Good To Be Back’ features a re-recording of the classic song “Ooh Child”. The ad follows a series of people as they get ready to go out after a year of restrictions and lock-downs. We see the familiar scene of

What is the 2021 O2 advert song?

Featuring backing vocals by House Gospel Choir, this 2021 o2 advert song is a new cover version of ‘Ooh Child’ that’s been recorded by the English singer-songwriter, and The Voice UK coach, Anne-Marie. Including the lyrics “Ooh child.

What is the new O2 ad campaign about?

O2 is the latest brand to launch a post lockdown, return to normality-style ad campaign with this ‘It’s Good to Be Back – Here Comes Brighter’ 2021 advert for o2 Priority experiences.