What is the synonym of the word clown?

What is the synonym of the word clown?

comic entertainer, Pierrot, comedian. historical jester, fool, zany, harlequin, merry andrew, Punchinello. 2’I was always the class clown’ joker, comedian, comic, humorist, wag, wit, funny girl, funny man, funny woman, prankster, jester, jokester, buffoon, character.

What is the traditional name for a clown?

What is another word for clown?

jester buffoon
mummer pierrot
farceur joker
Pierrot punchinello
entertainer Punchinello

What are the three main types of clowns?

Traditionally, there are three basic types of clowns that appear in the circus: the whiteface, the auguste and the character. Nowadays a fourth type, the tramp or hobo clown, is often recognized separately, even though, technically, it should be considered as another character clown.

What does clown means in slang?

‘Clown’ is a slang term meaning ‘fool.’ When you entertain a clown you become part of the circus.

What is adjective of clown?

clownly. Of, relating to, or befitting a clown; clownish; clownlike.

What word rhymes with clown?

Word Rhyme rating Categories
crown 100 Noun
noun 100 Noun
gown 100 Noun
frown 100 Noun

What are good clown names?

Clown Names For Boys

  • Alfie (Old English origin) meaning “wise”.
  • Auguste (German origin) clown means “majestic.”
  • Badin (Arabic origin) clown means “light-hearted”.
  • Bobo (Spanish origin) clown means “crazy, stupid”.
  • Chester (Old English origin) meaning “camp, fortress”

What is a French clown called?

Pierrot, a diminutive of Pierre (Peter) or Pedrolino as he is known, is the sad clown among one of the most likeable stock characters of pantomime and Commedia dell’Arte.

What is a female clown called?

A female clown is called a “Clownette.” Clownettes usually dress in less complex clothing than the larger, more elaborate costumes worn by the male clowns.

What does clown mean in social media?

Back in 2010, Urban Dictionary decided that the best way to describe a clown is: “Just a downright fool, someone who there’s no other word for other than ‘clown’ it explains how stupid they can be and how little you think about them.”

What is a synonym for clown?

Synonyms for clown include buffoon, comedian, comic, jester, joker, prankster, harlequin, humorist, wag and wit. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com!

What is clowna?

a comically dressed performer (as at a circus) who entertains with playful tricks and ridiculous behavior. a clown wearing big floppy shoes and a red wig.

What was a singular fact about the Clown?

He must have fallen asleep again, for, when he opened his eyes, there was the clown at the foot of his bed making a face. It was a singular fact about the clown that the slightest check seemed to take away all his brilliancy. Roget’s 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.

What is the modern child’s view on clowns?

“The modern child, not yet fully disenchanted, still living in a mysterious world, is able to enjoy the enchanting performance of the circus clown .” “He resorts to being the class clown to cover up for his difficulties.”