What is the zip code for Kingman Arizona?

What is the zip code for Kingman Arizona?

Kingman/Zip codes

What county is ZIP code 86401 in?

Mohave County

What is the area code for Kingman Arizona?

Area code 928
Kingman/Area codes

How many zip codes are in Kingman AZ?

Kingman, AZ Covers 8 ZIP Codes

ZIP Code Type Population
86409 Standard 26,471
86411 Standard 224
86412 P.O. Box 0
86413 Standard 12,103

What is the zip code for Wickenburg Arizona?

Wickenburg/Zip codes

What county is ZIP code 86409?


What is Page AZ ZIP code?

Page/Zip codes

What is Golden Valley ZIP code?

Golden Valley/Zip codes
Best Places to Live in Golden Valley (zip 86413), Arizona. Retirement area – In the northwestern corner of Arizona, 150 miles south of Las Vegas.

What’s the area code for Wickenburg Arizona?

Wickenburg/Area codes

What county is ZIP code 85390 in?

ZIP Code 85390

Post Office City: Wickenburg, AZ (View All Cities)
County: Maricopa County
Timezone: America/Phoenix (12:43am)
Coordinates: 33.9, -113.0 ZIP (~30 mile radius)

Is there a movie on Route 66 in Arizona?

Our small theater features a one-hour movie that tells the the story of Route 66 in Arizona. The Electric Car Museum, recently added, includes a fascinating selection of electric vehicles such as race cars, motorcycles, and autos—both old and new.

What is the Route 66 Museum?

Located on the second floor of the Powerhouse Building, our historic museum opened in September 2001. This delightful collection has been a stopping point for thousands of visitors who arrive from around the world to travel on Route 66 for adventure and education.

Is Route 66 worth a stop on Route 66?

Great stop on Route 66! We really enjoyed the museum and I highly recommend that anyone interested in the historic byway. The museum covers the original wagon trail, the paved route, and it’s demise due to the new interstate highways. As an added bonus the rail line next to the museum gets 55 trains a day, so there is that also.