What is XlX?

What is XlX?

The First multi protocol reflector with transcoding ability and giving admins complete control over the reflector. Since the dawn of D-Star, there have been a few reflectors and networks built to support this digital mode. XLX is the newest edition of reflectors that allows you to spin up your very own D-Star or DMR, or YSF reflector.

What is xlsx file opener?

With XLSX file opener, users can view all kinds of Excel Spreadsheet files :“Protected,” “Marked as Final,” and “Strict Open XML (XLSX) created by Excel, MS Office (Excel 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007), Libre Spreadsheet, G Suite Spreadsheet, Office 365 Excel, Google Sheet, Zoho Sheet, Open office Calc spreadsheet.

What modes does XlX support?

Also as of January 2020, XLX supports System Fusion natively. By adding another piece of software, AMBEd, and hardware vocoder usb-dongles, it can act as a transcoding server allowing other modes to talk together. One reflector 3 modes out of the box: D-Star, DMR, and YSF.

Can XLSX files be read?

Normal XLSX files, as well as Strict Open XML Spreadsheets (XLSX) ,can be read using this tool. Even if the Excel files are “Protected” files and “Marked as Final” to prohibit any type of editing, the utility will have no trouble opening these types of Excel spreadsheets.