What is Yanmar sail drive?

What is Yanmar sail drive?

Type SailDrive, Control System. The YANMAR 4JH80 SPP Steerable Propulsion Pod takes maneuvering sail yachts under power to the next level. It unites YANMAR’s advanced 4JH80 common rail marine diesel engine and ZF Marine’s innovative steerable saildrive technology into one fully electronic joystick control.

What does a sail drive do?

A saildrive is a transmission system for a boat whose inboard engine has a horizontal output shaft. The saildrive’s input shaft is therefore also horizontal. That input shaft is geared so as to drive a vertical intermediate shaft extending downward through the hull.

How do I check the oil on my saildrive?

On the Volvo Penta saildrive the gear case check and fill point is located inside the boat at the very top of the reverse gear assembly. This may be very hard to get to on your boat, but the red handle shown in the center of the photo is the oil dipstick for the transmission (reverse gear).

Are sail drives safe?

Saildrives can be quickly eaten away by corrosion because their aluminium casing is galvanically very active, much more active than a bronze through-hull or an exposed steel keel. Any compromise in protection is likely to allow corrosion.

What is a daggerboard on a catamaran?

The purpose of the daggerboard (or any keel) is to balance the force of the wind on the sails. During a storm, daggerboards can help reduce the tendency of a small boat to tip over (“breach”) due to waves. A catamaran in a storm would lift the leeward hull daggerboard and fully extend the upwind daggerboard.

How do you protect a sailing drive?

Use two-part epoxy sealer/paint if the original manufacturer’s paint is not available. Two-part underwater epoxy paint is available so a boat does not need to be hauled for touch-ups. Use only an antifoul paint that has been formulated specifically for aluminum outboards, saildrives or sterndrives.

What is a shaft drive boat?

A boat with a shaft drive has the engine mounted inboard, with a shaft through the hull driving a propeller. Shaft drives may have the engine mounted in a few different positions, including (but not limited to) middle and rear. A rudder behind the propeller steers the vessel.

What is Volvo Sail Drive?

The Volvo Penta Saildrive is a highly efficient engine, drive and propeller package for responsive and powerful manoeuvring that will get you where you want – for those times when the wind has left your sails. Sailing may be all about the natural elements and catching the best winds.

How much is a Seawind 1370?

Description. Starting at $699,000 USD, $850k well equipped. Wright Yachts has over 20 Seawind 1370 build slots secured for our clients, including hulls #1 and #3.

Are there any problems with a Yanmar saildrive?

Any nicks in the paint on an aluminum saildrive housing create an unfavorable anode-to-cathode relationship, which will allow extreme corrosion to commence. The drive should be inspected annually, and painted, if necessary. Ed Sherman Recent reports from the field indicate there are problems with shifting for both Volvo and Yanmar saildrives.

How often should I service my Yanmar or Volvo saildrive?

Both Yanmar and Volvo provide an “aqua sensor” that will sense water leakage if this bladder begins to leak, but periodic inspection of this critical rubber seal at least every two years is of the utmost importance. Without question this is one of the most important not-to-be-ignored service items related to the saildrive system.

What are the maintenance requirements for the Yanmar SD40 and SD50?

Regarding the SD40 and SD50 models, a routine-maintenance requirement is to inspect, replace or “lap” (reseat) the cone clutch mechanisms of the drives every 500 hours, and Yanmar recommends replacement of the cones every 2,000 hours.

How often should I perform periodic maintenance on my sail-drive?

Periodic maintenance intervals vary depending on Sail-Drive application and are hard to establish definitively. The following should be treated only as a general guideline. Note: These procedures are considered normal maintenance and are performed at the owner’s expense. PERIODIC MAINTENANCE SD Operation Manual 35 © 2009 Yanmar Marine International