What league are Torrevieja fc in?

What league are Torrevieja fc in?

Primera Regional
Club Deportivo Torrevieja is a Spanish football team based in Torrevieja, in the autonomous community of Valencia….CD Torrevieja.

Full name Club Deportivo Torrevieja
President Vicente Boix
Head coach Antonio Pedreño Saura
League Primera Regional
2019-20 Primera Regional, 11th

What is the oldest team in Spain?

The oldest football club in Spain is Recreativo de Huelva, founded in December 1889. Sevilla FC is the next oldest, being founded in January 1890. Although Gimnàstic de Tarragona was established in 1886, the club did not form an actual football team until 1914.

Does Alicante have a football team?

Hércules de Alicante Club de Fútbol, S.A.D. Hércules de Alicante Club de Fútbol, S.A.D. ([ˈeɾkules]) is a Spanish football team in Alicante, in the autonomous community of Valencian Community.

Why are Spanish teams called real?

Spanish teams are called ‘Real’ because the title has been bestowed on them by the Spanish royal family. Traditionally, the club would offer a reigning Spanish king a title such as ‘Honorary President’ and in return would receive a royal patronage, allowing them to use the ‘Real’ prefix.

What does real mean in Spain?

The honorific title real is Spanish for “royal” and was bestowed to the club by King Alfonso XIII in 1920 together with the royal crown in the emblem. The team has played its home matches in the 81,044-capacity Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in downtown Madrid since 1947.

Where are the La Liga teams located?

The teams are fairly evenly spread around Spain with clusters in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and the Basque Country. La Liga has been dominated by sporting giants Real Madrid and Barcelona, with the 3rd most successful team (Athletico Madrid) following some way behind.

What is the closest football team to Benidorm?

La nucia fc
La nucia fc are reasonably close to benidorm , further afield are hercules in alicante and elche fc.

Why do Spanish teams have crowns?

The Royal Spanish Crown tops the coat of arms and symbolises Getafe’s loyalty to the Spanish monarchy. In 1903, the first logo of Madrid “Atletico” copied the logo of the team from Bilbao and it wasn’t until 1917 that the capital club finally acquired its own logo.

Who is the most successful club in Spain?

Honours table

Rank Club Total
1 Barcelona 97
2 Real Madrid 95
3 Athletic Bilbao 35
4 Atlético Madrid 34

What does mija mean in Spanish?

my daughter
Literally meaning “my daughter,” mija is used as a familiar and affectionate address to women, like “dear” or “honey,” in Spanish.

What does Rio mean in English?

It is of Spanish origin, and the meaning of Rio is “river”.