What legendary Does Mad Dog Drop?

What legendary Does Mad Dog Drop?

It’s the southwestern corner of the map. In addition to getting the dynamite mission item, there’s a chance that Mad Dog drops a Legendary Assault Rifle, called Madhouse or an SMG named Baby Maker.

What does Badassasaurus drop?

When you kill the Badassasuarus, it has a chance of dropping the Slow Hand shotgun. In True Vault Hunter Mode, the Badassasaurus’s name changes to Badassasaurus Rex.

How do I get to the burrows in Borderlands 2?

Objective 1: Gain access to the Burrows Clear out the bandit threat in the area . Once clear, head towards the super “secret” entrance to the burrows and melee it. Opening the door will grant you full access to the Burrows and all the monsters that lurk inside..

Where is Lynchwood located in Borderlands 2?

Lynchwood Station
The Lynchwood Bounty Board is a bounty board located inside Lynchwood Station, across from the vending machines. Although Lynchwood is available at any point after accessing The Dust, the bounty board will only activate after the completion of The Once and Future Slab .

Where is the road dog in bl3?

You can find Road Dog in the map The Splinterlands on the planet Pandora. You want Fast Travel to any starting location on the map because you need to be in the center of the map. There you will find a COV camp. When you enter the camp through the main gate, Road Dog will be in the back on the right side.

Can Badassasaurus be slagged?

The Badassasaurus is resistant to fire, shock, non-elemental damage and cannot be slagged.

How do I fight Pyro Pete?

Simply shoot him with lots of bullets. DO NOT USE FIRE OR CORROSIVE WEAPONS! Slag him whenever you have the chance and use an electrical weapon to take down his shield. Pete will immediately drop down and chase after the closest person to him while spraying you with fire.

How do I get to writhing deep in Borderlands?

Head to The Burrows then Writhing Deep Once you’ve spoken with Sir Hammerlock you will want to fast travel to The Burrows. From here make your way right from the Fast Travel station and you will reach the Writhing Deep.

How do I get to the friendship gulag in Borderlands 2?

The Friendship Gulag is one of 13 sub-locations in Pandora. The Gulag is a Hyperion controlled prison camp. The only way to get to the Friendship Gulag is by travesing The Dust. The location is small and filled with enough enemies to keep you busy so be prepared.

Who is voracidous the Invincible?

Voracidous the Invincible is a raid boss in Borderlands 2 exclusive to Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt. It is accompanied by Chief Ngwatu . Voracidous is a stalker the size of a small building that is only accessible once The Fall of Nakayama has been completed.

What does voracidous drop when he falls?

When Voracidous has fallen, he’ll drop some pretty rare loot such as Legendary Class Mods and Seraph Crystals to use at the shop located in the Hunters’s Grotto lodge. Was this guide helpful? Borderlands 2: The Horrible Hunger of the Ravenous Wattle Gobbler is a DLC for Borderlands 2, featuring a Thanksgiving theme.

What happens when voracidous becomes rabid?

At this time, Voracidous will become rabid and he will go in rage form. When Voracidous is in rage, he moves extremely fast which makes survival quite difficult. This stage of the boss fight cannot be avoided. When Vorac’s health drops to a fairly small amount, he will get the shield from the Chief.

Does voracidous drop Legendary Class Mods?

10% chance to drop a Legendary Class Mod. Players in co-op can determine whom Voracidous will focus on before the fight by looking at which Vault Hunter his tail is pointing at. Voracidous respawns the moment all Vault Hunters leave the ring.