What Pontiacs came with a 455?

What Pontiacs came with a 455?

The 455 powered the Pontiac GTO and Firebird.

Is a Pontiac 455 a good engine?

Despite only two years in production run, the 455 H.O. is regarded by many Poncho experts as the most versatile street engine Pontiac ever produced. Gobs of low-rpm torque make it quite responsive in normal driving conditions, and it can instantly turn tires into a smoky haze by standing on the throttle.

How do you read a Pontiac engine code?

The date code is 4 digits. The first digit is the month, the next 2 digits are the day of the month, and the last digit is the year (6 could be 1966 or 1976). This page will help you identify the year and size of your Pontiac engine.

Did Pontiac make a 455 engine?

Of the three 455 cubic inch V8 engines offered by General Motors in 1970, the Pontiac 455 took the most unusual route to the market. Unlike Oldsmobile and Buick, which had both big block and small block engines on the shelf, Pontiac had been developing the same eight-cylinder formula since 1955.

Is a 455 Pontiac a big block?

That’s right, the 455 was not a big block because Pontiac never had a big block. Or a small block. Throughout its entire existence, Pontiac only ever manufactured a single V8 engine family! Pontiac 389 Tri-Power Trophy V8.

Is Pontiac 455 and 400 the same block?

We took the question to David Butler of Butler Performance in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, for his professional opinion. He advises, “With the exception of the mid- to late-1970s PN 500557 casting, we consider all Pontiac 400 blocks functionally identical. The 455 blocks from 1970 to 1976 are also functionally identical.

How do I identify a 455 engine?

The numbers cast on the lower left corner of the engine block — or on the cylinder head — indicate the year the engine was manufactured. The casting numbers for a 455 include 395021F, 396021Fa and 231788L.

How much horsepower did the Pontiac 455 have?

360 horsepower
Rated conservatively at 360 horsepower and producing a tremendous 500 pound-feet of torque, the 455 HO gave the GTO the powerful aggression needed to appeal to performance-minded buyers.

What is the most powerful Pontiac engine?

The rear-drive G8, hailed here at AutoWeek and elsewhere in the wheeled world in its original rear-drive, 361-hp, 6.0-liter V8 form, now has a mighty 415-hp 6.2-liter V8 driving those rear wheels, making it the most powerful Pontiac ever. “Now wait a minute,” you say.

How much horsepower can you get out of a Pontiac 455?

Our runs netted us more than anyone dared hope for-529.3 hp and nearly 560 lb-ft of torque (see charts). We never saw less than 400 lb-ft of torque anywhere in the rev range, we found 500 hp at 4,900 rpm, and we produced power for 1,000 rpm beyond that!…

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TOTAL: $3,944

How much horsepower does a Pontiac 455 have?

Can I get a turn key Pontiac engine?

If your needs are a stroker crate motor we can take and modify any Pontiac engine to your specifications. Big block Pontiac crate engines are also available in 428, and 455 versions. The following are turn key engines available from Eddies, be sure to call us to get a specific price quote on these engines:

Can you modify a Pontiac 350 crate motor?

With a wide variety of parts and modifications available, the Pontiac 350 crate motor can be customized to meet your horsepower needs. If your needs are a stroker crate motor we can take and modify any Pontiac engine to your specifications.

Are the 350 and 455 Pontiacs interchangeable?

The 350, 400, and 455 are interchangeable but today most Pontiac enthusiasts want the 455 with aluminum cylinder heads. With this combination we can make over 550hp with incredible torque for the dream machine muscle car. .