What postcodes are in Southwark?

What postcodes are in Southwark?

Southwark/Zip codes

What areas are in the borough of Southwark?

Situated opposite the central City of London, Southwark borough extends south from the River Thames over such areas and historic villages as Rotherhithe, Southwark (including Bankside, a historic district and street along the Thames), Bermondsey, Walworth, Camberwell, Peckham (in part), Nunhead, East Dulwich, Herne …

What is London postcode?

Central London areas are divided into what are known as LONDON POSTCODES. Each small section of London is allocated a 1-3 letter prefix that corresponds to its compass location and then a following number and 2 letters to distinguish it from adjoining streets within that area.

Is Southwark a rich borough?

An iconic borough with a rich history, it is home to London’s oldest theatres such as the Globe made famous by Shakespeare, along with being home to the iconic Tate Modern. For the foodies out there, Southwark is also home to Borough Market, the finest food market in all of London.

What area is SE2?

List of postcode districts

Postcode district Post town Local authority area(s)
SE2 LONDON Greenwich, Bexley
SE3 LONDON Greenwich, Lewisham
SE4 LONDON Lewisham
SE5 LONDON Southwark

What borough is SE2?

Royal Borough of Greenwich
SE2 | Royal Borough of Greenwich.

Why is Southwark so called?

Southwark is recorded in the 1086 Domesday Book as Sudweca. The name means “southern defensive work” and is formed from the Old English sūþ (south) and weorc (work). The southern location is in reference to the City of London to the north, Southwark being at the southern end of London Bridge.

What borough is Brixton?

London Borough of Lambeth
Brixton is a district in the south of London, England, within the London Borough of Lambeth….

London borough Lambeth
Ceremonial county Greater London
Region London
Country England

How many black people live in Southwark?

Southwark was ethnically 63% white, 16% black African and 8% black Caribbean. By 2018 the population was 317,256, with 53% white, 16% black African and 6% black Caribbean. 31% of householders were owner–occupiers….Demographics.

Year Pop. ±%
1861 283,723 +69.8%
1871 400,401 +41.1%
1881 517,080 +29.1%
1891 576,786 +11.5%

Is Southwark expensive to live?

Summary about cost of living in Southwark, United Kingdom: Family of four estimated monthly costs are 3,373$ (2,474£) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 949$ (696£) without rent. Southwark is 32.59% less expensive than New York (without rent).

How do I customise the postcode map for Southwark Borough?

When creating the Postcode map for Southwark Borough, there are a number of options available to customise the map exactly to your requirement and budget described as follows: Size: Choose the paper size required from A4 to a huge 2 x A0 (1,2m x 1.7m) depending on the wall space you have available and your budget.

What percentage of local authorities perform better than London Borough of Southwark?

The map pin represents the location of the council offices. 266 (77.33%) of local authorities perform better than London Borough of Southwark. 77 (22.38%) of local authorities perform worse than London Borough of Southwark. London Borough of Southwark has a population of 278,000.

What is the population of Southwark in England?

Southwark contains approximately 120,460 households with a population of about 288,276 (2011 census)