What rhetorical strategies are used in serving in Florida?

What rhetorical strategies are used in serving in Florida?

Ehrenreich’s purpose is to attach importance to the low-wage America workplace. Using rhetorical strategies such as negative diction, simile, images, and pathos, Ehrenreich attempts to raise public awareness of the low-wage workers’ life in her readers.

What research method was used in nickel and dimed?

Ehrenreich used both qualitative and quantitative methods in her experiments and interviews, as well as participant observation. The variables were the different jobs she had, dealing with wages which correlated with how she got by with housing and food, etc.

What are rhetorical devices?

A rhetorical device is a use of language that is intended to have an effect on its audience. Repetition, figurative language, and even rhetorical questions are all examples of rhetorical devices.

What does nickel and dimed argue?

In Nickel and Dimed, Barbara Ehrenreich’s experiment to prove that fair wages, overtime pay, retirement funds, and health insurance are crucial for a person in this economy. She forced her to adapt to the lifestyle of the working-poor: how they live, eat, and performed in their daily lives.

How do you cite nickel and dimed?

How to cite “Nickel and dimed” by Barbara Ehrenreich

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What is the message of serving in Florida?

Ehrenreich vividly describes her experiences, sending a message to the reader that many working class Americans live in extremely rough conditions. People living in this situation don’t have the opportunity to succeed, and are stuck in a downward spiral of increasing poverty.

How does Nickel and Dimed end?

In the end, Ehrenreich can no longer afford to work at Wal-Mart and pay for her hotel room, so she quits.

What is the genre of Nickel and Dimed?

Genre. Nickel and Dimed is a non-fiction work that can be described as an ethnography or investigative journalism.

How do you find rhetorical choices?

AP® English Language: 5 Ways to Identify Rhetorical Devices

  1. Read Carefully. Reading carefully may seem common sense; however, this is the most crucial strategy in identifying rhetorical devices.
  2. Know Your Rhetorical Devices.
  3. Know the Audience.
  4. Annotate the Text.
  5. Read the Passage Twice.
  6. Key Takeaway.

What are different rhetorical strategies?

Rhetorical Strategies

  • Analyzing cause and effect. Focusing on causes helps a writer think about why something happened; focusing on effects helps a writer think about what might or could happen.
  • Comparing and contrasting.
  • Classifying and dividing.
  • Defining.
  • Describing.
  • Explaining a process.
  • Narrating.

What is the central theme of either Nickel and Dimed or Amazing Grace?

The main idea of the work is to examine the economic conditions that underscore the working class in America.

What is the tone of serving in Florida?

Ehrenreich is persuasive, sardonic, and conversational; but at the same times she’s fastidious. Her tone is developed by her usage of vernacular and attention to detail.