What torpedoes do submarines use?

What torpedoes do submarines use?

The Mk-48 torpedo was designed at the end of the 1960s to keep up with the advances in Soviet submarine technology. Operational since 1972, it replaced the Mk-37, Mk-14 and Mk-16 torpedoes as the principal weapon of U.S. Navy submarines.

How big are submarine torpedoes?

Most modern launchers are standardised on a 12.75-inch (324 mm) diameter for light torpedoes (deck mounted aboard ship) or a 21-inch (533 mm) diameter for heavy torpedoes (underwater tubes), although other sizes of torpedo tube have been used: see Torpedo classes and diameters.

When was the submarine invented?

1. Drebbel: 1620-1624. British mathematician William Bourne made some of the earliest known plans for a submarine around 1578, but the world’s first working prototype was built in the 17th century by Cornelius Drebbel, a Dutch polymath and inventor in the employ of the British King James I.

How many torpedoes does a submarine have?

A submarine will typically carry 12 to 38 torpedoes or missiles shared by between four and eight torpedo tubes. Missile tubes, meanwhile, which are typically mounted vertically on the top of the hull, carry one missile each.

Can a human be shot out of a torpedo tube?

No, s/he won’t. The forces required to shoot a torpedo out of the tube are more than enough to cause fatal internal injuries.

Who built submarines?

Cornelis Drebbel

Which country built the first submarine?

Submarines were first built by Dutch inventor Cornelius van Drebel in the early 17th century, but it was not until 150 years later that they were first used in naval combat.

How many torpedoes did a WWII submarine carry?

The typical fleet boat had six 21″ torpedo tubes in the forward torpedo room and four in the after torpedo room. They carried a maximum of 24 Mk….U.S. Submarines sank the following major Japanese combatant ships of 1,000 tons or more:

Aircraft Carriers 4 [email protected], SHOKAKU, TAIHO, UNRYU
Submarines 23

Who invented torpedoes?

Robert Whitehead
Giovanni Luppis
During the 19th century some naval vessels used the spar torpedo, which was simply an explosive charge attached to the end of a long pole or spar; it exploded when it touched the hull of an enemy vessel. The modern torpedo was developed by Robert Whitehead, a British engineer.

How powerful are modern submarine torpedoes?

Modern submarine torpedoes are highly capable and amazingly lethal machines. Cold War science and experience has been improved with 21st-century technology and engineering. Torpedoes like the BAE Systems Spearfish, Atlas Electronik SeaHake Mod 4, Naval Group’s F21, and Russia‚Äôs UGST -M are examples of how far the technology has come.

What is the propulsion system of a Saab torpedo?

The propulsion system allows the Spearfish to engage targets within 48km at low speed. The Torpedo 62 (Export designation: Torpedo 2000) from Saab is a dual-purpose heavy weight torpedo system in use with the submarine fleet of the Royal Swedish Navy.

Who uses the third generation torpedo?

This third generation torpedo, weighing 304kg and operating at depths of more than 1,000m, is intended to fulfil the anti-submarine warfare operational requirements of the 21st century. It is being used by the naval forces of France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Poland and Australia.

How effective is the Spearfish torpedo?

The Spearfish advanced heavy weight torpedo from BAE Systems is effective against submarine and surface threats in oceanic and coastal waters. The 1.85t torpedo is in service with the submarine fleet of the UK Royal Navy.