What were the effects of the coal strike in 1902?

What were the effects of the coal strike in 1902?

Coal strike of 1902

Coal strike of 1902 (Anthracite coal strike)
Goals Eight-hour workday, higher wages, and union recognition
Methods Striking
Resulted in Nine-hour workday (reduced from ten) wage increase of 10% first strike settled by federal arbitration
Parties to the civil conflict

Why is the 1902 Anthracite Coal Strike significant?

The victory in the anthracite coalfields breathed new life into the American labor movement. 55 It strengthened moderate labor leaders and progressive businessmen who championed negotiations as a way to labor peace. It enhanced the reputation of President Theodore Roosevelt.

What was coal used for in 1902?

On October 3, 1902, President Theodore Roosevelt met with miners and coalfield operators from the anthracite coalfields in Pennsylvania in an attempt to settle the strike, then in its fifth month. The country relied on coal to power commerce and industry and anthracite or “hard coal” was essential for domestic heating.

What caused the anthracite coal strike?

The Anthracite Coal Strike (May-October 1902) began after mine operators refused to meet with representatives of the United Mine Workers of America. Anthracite—or hard coal—was solid and rich in carbon, ideal for industrial and domestic use. Coal prices doubled as production dropped.

What happened during the coal strike of 1902 quizlet?

When 140,000 coal miners in Pennsylvania went on strike and demanded a 20 percent raise, a nine-hour workday, and the right to organize a union, the mine operators refused to bargain. Roosevelt had a talk about the strike at the White House with the opposing sides and it was settled.

Why was the 1902 coal strike significance quizlet?

– The United Mine Workers of America went on strike in 1902 to call to attention their low wages, long hours, and poor conditions. – Coal was important for winter fuel, so the federal government was alarmed as to how to handle it. – Roosevelt wanted to intervene in the strike.

Which legislation helped the 1902 coal strike?

Interstate Commerce Act
Which legislation helped solve this problem? What steps did Roosevelt take to solve the problem? Which legislation helped solve this problem? Interstate Commerce Act is strengthened by setting up the (ICC) Interstate Commerce Commission to enforce the new laws.

What was the 1902 coal strike quizlet?

The Coal strike of 1902, also known as the anthracite coal strike, was a strike by the United Mine Workers of America in the anthracite coal fields of eastern Pennsylvania. Miners were on strike asking for higher wages, shorter workdays and the recognition of their union.