What wines is Willamette Valley known for?

What wines is Willamette Valley known for?

Oregon’s Willamette Valley is the state’s largest wine region. The Willamette Valley’s leading varietal is Pinot Noir, but producers are captivating audiences with Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling, among some 72 other varietals.

Which red grape variety is the Willamette Valley in Oregon best known for?

Pinot noirs
Pinot noirs from the Willamette Valley have received much critical acclaim from wine connoisseurs and critics, and Oregon is regarded as one of the premier Pinot-producing regions in the world. In 2016 the top five varieties produced in Oregon were: Pinot noir 17,744 acres (7,181 ha), 45,851 short tons (41,595 t)

How many wineries are in the Willamette Valley?

The Willamette Valley, Oregon’s leading wine region, has two-thirds of the state’s wineries and vineyards and is home to more than 700 wineries.

What grapes are grown in the Willamette Valley?

Of the more than 21,000 acres of vineyards in the Willamette Valley, nearly 93% has been planted to just three grapes: Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, and Chardonnay, with Pinot Noir accounting for a full 72% of the grape acreage.

Are Willamette Valley wines good?

Willamette Valley wineries are known to produce some of the finest pinot noirs in the world. Oregon’s Willamette Valley was named the 2016 wine-growing region of the year by Wine Enthusiast, which only worked to solidify this area as a world-class wine destination.

Why is Willamette good for Pinot Noir?

Known as a gentle place to grow Pinot Noir because it is insulated from daytime heat by the Willamette Valley River and its distance from the winds of the Van Duzer Corridor allows the AVA to cool slowly. Pinot Noirs here tend to be red-fruit driven and softer.

Is Eugene considered Willamette Valley?

The Willamette Valley contains most of Oregon’s population; it extends from Newberg in the north to Eugene in the south. …

What is a good Oregon Pinot Noir?

Here are 10 Oregon pinot noir wines to reach for this season.

  • Evening Land, La Source Pinot Noir, Eola-Amity Hills.
  • Penner-Ash, Estate Pinot Noir, Yamhill-Carlton.
  • Ken Wright, Savoya Vineyard Pinot Noir, Yamhill-Carlton.
  • Et Fille, Fairsing Vineyard Pinot Noir, Yamhill-Carlton.
  • Elk Cove, La Bohème Pinot Noir, Yamhill-Carlton.

Where is the wine taste in Willamette Valley?

15 of the Best Willamette Valley Tasting Rooms

  • Beaux Frères. The tasting room at Beaux Frères is small and private, offering an intimate, relaxing atmosphere.
  • Adelsheim.
  • Bergström Wines.
  • Colene Clemens Vineyards.
  • Brooks Vineyard and Winery.
  • Evening Land Vineyards.
  • Domaine Drouhin.
  • Lange Estate Winery & Vineyards.

Where can I taste wine in Willamette Valley?

Where is Willamette Valley wine country?

Location: The Willamette Valley is 150 miles long and up to 60 miles wide making it Oregon’s largest AVA. It runs from the Columbia River in Portland south through Salem to the Calapooya Mountains outside Eugene.

What is the highest rated Oregon Pinot Noir?

Best Overall: 2017 Domaine Drouhin Oregon Pinot Noir

  • Region: Oregon, Dundee Hills, Willamette Valley.
  • ABV: 14.1%
  • Tasting Notes: Black Cherry, Orange Peel, Bramble, Rhubarb.