When did the Lions change their logo?

When did the Lions change their logo?

On April 20, 2009, the Detroit Lions unveiled a new comprehensive brand that includes a new logo and new uniforms: HOME HONOLULU BLUE JERSEYS-Numerals were customized specifically for the Lions uniform. They are Honolulu Blue, trimmed in silver and black. -Above the new numerals is the new Lions logotype.

Who is Lyle Fife?

Lyle Fife and Edwin Anderson, the owner of the local Goebel’s Brewery, took over the team for $165,000. William Clay Ford purchased minority shares in the franchise in 1961 and also assumed the team president role. Ford became the sole owner on November 22, 1963, the same day President John F.

Who designed the Detroit Lions logo?

GREEN BAY, Wisc. — There’s a new quarterback, a new head coach and a new general manager in the Detroit Lions organization, so why not redesign the team’s logo? And that’s exactly what TikTok designer Emily Zugay humorously decided to do on social media.

Why is it called Honolulu blue?

According to a 1950 Lion media guide, “the blue, a distinctive shade was especially developed for G.A. Richards.” According to team lore, their first owner came up with the color after admiring the hue of the Pacific Ocean on a trip to Hawaii and the shade was named “Honolulu blue.”

Did the Lions change their logo?

In 1970, the iconic leaping lion appeared in the logo for the first time. It had a white outline and one more, black, outline around it. Since then, the symbol has been tweaked three times (in 2003, 2009, and 2017).

Did the Lions change their uniforms?

The Lions revealed their new 2017 uniform. Take a look back at how their uniform has evolved.

Did Henry Ford own the Detroit Lions?

(March 14, 1925 – March 9, 2014) was an American businessman. Ford owned the Detroit Lions National Football League (NFL) franchise. He was the youngest child of Edsel Ford and was the last surviving grandchild of Henry Ford.

Is William Clay Ford related to Henry Ford?

Detroit, Michigan, U.S. William Clay Ford Jr. (born May 3, 1957) is an American businessman, serving as executive chairman of Ford Motor Company. The great-grandson of company founder Henry Ford, Ford joined the board in 1988 and has served as chairman since January 1999.

Where did the Bears get their logo?

When the team was known as the Decatur Staleys in 1920, they used A. E. Staley’s logo as football was intended to help promote the company. The first Chicago Bears logo was introduced in 1940, depicting a black bear running with a football.

Who is Lions quarterback?

Jared Goff
Tim BoyleDavid BloughSteven Montez
Detroit Lions/Quarterbacks
Coming off his best performance of the year Sunday against Arizona, Lions quarterback Jared Goff found himself on the Reserve/COVID-19 list Monday after feeling mild symptoms Sunday night into Monday morning following his three-touchdown performance in the win over the Cardinals.

Why do Lions jerseys have WCF?

The “WCF” Initials on the Detroit Lions’ Uniforms Are a Touching Tribute. Turns out, those initials are a tribute to William Clay Ford Sr., a former owner of the team. After Ford’s death in 2014, the players wore a “WCF” patch on the left breast of their uniforms.

Why did the Lions change their logo?

With the redesign of 2003, the color palette of the Detroit Lions visual identity was slightly modified: the outer line of the image was switched from blue to black, giving a stronger contrast to the drawing and adding professionalism and determination to the club’s qualities.

What are the Lions club emblems and icons?

The Lions Clubs International emblem is recognized around the world as a symbol of kindness and service. Within our brand, there are several icons, logos and emblems that represent our various initiatives. We’ve created this page to provide the brand-approved versions for you to use.

What is the history of the Detroit Lions?

The history of the Detroit Lions, a professional American football franchise based in Detroit, dates back to 1928 when they played in Portsmouth, Ohio as the Spartans. In 2021, they will play their 92nd season, continuing to be one of the National Football League ‘s oldest franchises.

When do the Detroit Lions wear white at home?

Detroit Lions Wearing White at Home, First Time in 49 Years (Nov 17/19) • Detroit Lions officially unveil new uniforms (Apr 13/17) • Detroit Lions may have partially leaked their new uniforms (Mar 29/17) • Detroit Lions Introduce New Logo, Remove Black (Feb 1/17) • Are the Detroit Lions phasing black out of their color scheme?

Why are the Detroit Lions called’the lines’?

— There’s a new quarterback, a new head coach and a new general manager in the Detroit Lions organization, so why not redesign the team’s logo? And that’s exactly what TikTok designer Emily Zugay humorously decided to do on social media. Zugay likes to be satirical in her posts, making easy tasks hard. Hence, calling the Lions, the Lines.