Where can I find digitalis?

Where can I find digitalis?

Map is based on North being to the top.

  • West of Ditadi Abandoned Village / Southeast of Outpost 10.
  • Almost straight south of Outpost 18, North and just east a little of Outpost 23.
  • At Outpost 23.
  • Southeast of Outpost 13 and NE of Outpost 16.
  • Little bit east of outpost 16.

Where is the g44 blueprint?

It can be found at Ditadi Abandoned Village, in central Angola, which you’ll first visit during Mission 15: Footprints of Phantoms. It is in a tent in the eastern part of the site – the one with the blackboard with the maps and photos.

Where is the prisoner in Aim True Ye vengeful?

The prisoner (the Sleeping Gas Specialist) can be found wandering away from guard post #20 (via the valley in-between guard post #16 and #20). Be quick to find and extract him or he will end up getting killed by the wild jackals in the area.

Where can I buy Digitalis lutea phantom pain?

Digitalis Lutea is a Ultra Rare plant, located exclusively in Angola.

Where can I find Macht 37 blueprint?

MACHT 37 Blueprint: You have two chances to find this blueprint. You will discover it in the Kungenga Mine after finishing Mission 23, of it is dropped by a gunship in Mission 21. This unlocks the MACHT 37 submachine gun.

Where is the Zorn KP blueprint?

Finishing Mission 16 will reward you with this blueprint in the Bampeve Plantation. Complete the Defend the Pipeline Dispatch Mission to unlock the ZORN KP handgun.

Where is the sleeping gas specialist?


WHERE TO FIND Prisoner walking between guardpost #16 and guardpost #20
SKILL(S) Develop LLG Mines & Sleep Grenades

How do I get the kid Fulton MGSV?

Side Ops 113 unlocks the child Fulton. To unlock the Side Ops, you will have to complete Mission 26. You don’t actually need to research the Child-Safe Fulton Device to Fulton the kids.

What is the phantom cigar?

PHANTOM CIGAR. A cigar blended with a medicinal herb that speeds up the user’s perception of time. Loses efficacy if the user is under stress, for instance if spotted by an enemy.

How do you secure blueprint The gunship is carrying?

OBJECTIVE: Secure the Blueprint carried by the Gunship Blow up the gunship with C4. With some sneaky stealth, place several C4 bombs on the gunship itself and then detonate it from a far distance. This will alert the guards but they won’t go on combat alert.