Where is Choquib from?

Where is Choquib from?

Quibdo, Colombia

How are the members of ChocQuibTown related?

“ChocQuibTown emerged as a project of chocoano rappers who sing and talk about Chocó. Gloria Martínez (born 12 July 1982) and her younger brother Miguel (born 1986) were both born and grew up in the small town of Condoto in the department of Chocó in western Colombia.

What is something special about ChocQuibTown?

ChocQuibTown is one of the most innovative bands to emerge in recent years from Colombia, captivating fans with a blend of Hip-Hop, salsa and marimba-infused rhythms. Quibdo, like the band, is about the barrio: The wooden shanties where music reigns and is an essential part of daily life.

Where is ChocQuibTown?

Artist Biography Founded in Quibdó, the capital city of the Chocó region of Colombia, Choc Quib Town are comprised chiefly of rappers Tostao, Goyo, and Slow, in addition to several musicians who perform the band’s tropical style of hip-hop.

What genre is ChocQuibTown?


What awards has ChocQuibTown won?

Latin Grammy Award for Best Tropical Fusion Album

When did ChocQuibTown become a group?

ChoqQuibTown was formed in 2006, and it is completed by MCs Slow, who is Goyo’s brother, and Tostao. Last year, ChocQuibTown won a Latin Grammy for Best Alternative Song for “De donde vengo yo” and this year their latest album named “Oro” was nominated for Best Latin Rock, Alternative or Urban Album.

How long has ChocQuibTown been around?

Chocquibtown, colombian band. The Colombian hip-hop and alternative music group was created in 2000 and has become one of the most renowned Latin American bands. Mixing urban sounds and Pacific folklore led to overwhelming independent success.

What are two awards the ChocQuibTown members have received?


  • Grammy Awards.
  • Latin Grammy Awards.
  • Premios Nuestra Tierra.
  • Premios Shock (Colombia)
  • Premios Lo Nuestro (Americas)

What awards has Chocquibtown won?