Where is Sharon Ezeamaka from?

Where is Sharon Ezeamaka from?

Apart from acting, she is also a producer, model and television personality….

Sharon Ezeamaka
Nationality Nigerian
Occupation Actress, model, feminist, producer
Years active 1997–present
Relatives Thelma Ezeamaka (sister)

How old is Sharon Ezeamaka?

29 years (October 24, 1992)
Sharon Ezeamaka/Age

When was Sharon ifedi born?

March 15, 2004 (age 17 years)
Ifedi Sharon/Date of birth
Sharon Ifedi was born on 15th March 2004. She is 16 as of 2020. Sharon was born in Delta state, although her state of origin is Anambra state.

How old is Sharon Nigeria actress?

17 years (March 15, 2004)
Ifedi Sharon/Age

How old is chinenye nnebe?

24 years (April 5, 1997)
Chinenye Nnebe/Age

Where is mercy Kenneth from?

Mercy Kenneth Wiki, Biography Mercy was born on 9 April 2009. She took birth in Lagos State in the southwestern part of Nigeria. Her full name is Mercy Kenneth Okonkwo as known as her stage name is Mercy Kenneth and ADAEZE.

Are old is Sharon ifedi?

How old is luchy Donald?

30 years (May 28, 1991)
Luchy Donalds/Age

Where is actress Sharon Francis?

Awka, Nigeria
Sharon Francis/Place of birth

What secondary school did Sharon OOJA attend?

Houdegbe North American University in Benin
Sharon Ooja/Education

Who are chinenye nnebe family?

She is an accomplished actress, model, and television personality who began her acting career as a Nollywood child actress. Nnebe is the daughter of Nollywood costumier and movie producer Uche Nancy.

How many sisters does chinenye nnebe have?

4 sisters, Sisters, Sonia.

How old is Sharon Ezeamaka now?

Sharon Chisom Ezeamaka popularly known as Sharon Ezeamaka is a famous Nollywood child actress, television producer, model and a television personality. She started acting at the age of 5 years old as a child actress. She was born on 24th October 1992 in Lagos State in the south western part of Nigeria.

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