Where is the Obion River?

Where is the Obion River?

northwestern Tennessee
The Obion River system is the primary surface water drainage system of northwestern Tennessee, United States….

Obion River
• location Mississippi River on the border of Dyer and Lauderdale counties.
• coordinates 35°54′27″N 89°38′20″WCoordinates: 35°54′27″N 89°38′20″W

What is the level of the Obion River?

Flooding is occurring in Obion. Widespread flooding is occurring in Rives. Numerous secondary roads near the river are flooded. Rives is flooding….Flood Categories (in feet)

Major Flood Stage: 43
Flood Stage: 34
Action Stage: 29
Low Stage (in feet): 0

What county is Elbridge TN in?

Obion County

Where does the Obion River start?

Mississippi River
Obion River/Mouths

Where does the Forked Deer River start?

Obion River
North fork forked deer river/Mouths

Where does the Obion River start and end?

When was Obion County TN formed?

Obion County/Dates formed

What county is Obion Tennessee?

Where is the Forked Deer River?

West Tennessee
The Forked Deer River system is the main drainage of the central portion of West Tennessee….

Forked Deer River
• location Obion River, Mississippi River
• coordinates 35°55′42″N 89°35′12″WCoordinates: 35°55′42″N 89°35′12″W
• elevation 230 ft (70 m)

Who is the mayor of Obion County?

Benny J McGuire

County Mayor Benny J McGuire PO Box 236 Union City, TN 38281-0236
County Attorney Steve Conley P.O. Box 427 Union City, TN 38281
County Clerk Crystal Crain P.O. Box 188 Union City, TN 38261
General Sessions Court Judge Jimmy C. Smith 9 Bill Burnett Circle Union City, TN 38261

Is Obion TN safe?

Obion County is in the 16th percentile for safety, meaning 84% of counties are safer and 16% of counties are more dangerous. The rate of violent crime in Obion County is 5.40 per 1,000 residents during a standard year.