Where is Whiteknuckler knives made?

Where is Whiteknuckler knives made?

the USA
All Whiteknuckler Brand products are made in the USA from the finest domestic steel and domestic hides. We are a small independent company providing employment for 8 people right here in the USA.

What is a convertible knife?

In its standard ‘open’ position, the Convertible Dagger looks like a 3.5-inch bladed lockback folding knife. But instead of folding closed when users disengage the lock, the Dagger moves into a second open position, turning the knife into a punch dagger.

Where are spyderco made?

The Spyderco USA-Made knives are the cornerstone of our future and we have invested in a state-of-the-art factory facility here in Golden, CO. Our factory is a testament to our commitment to designing and producing the most innovative, reliable, and high-performance products in our industry.

Is D2 difficult to sharpen?

D2 is a happy medium between stainless and high carbon steels. It’s easy to work and looks nice, but because it’s air-hardened steel you can’t differentially temper the blade like other High Carbon Steels. It can also be difficult to sharpen.

Are stauer knives any good?

The heft and feel as in balance of the nice is very good. The fit up of the handle to the knife is more what you would expect from a $20 knife. There are burrs on the tang and gaps between the handle layers. Overall the quality of the craftsmanship looks to be unfinished.

Is Byrd owned by Spyderco?

Byrd Knives – a Species of Knives Offered by Spyderco.

What is whiteknuckler brand?

Whiteknuckler Brand is focused on traditional and classically styled American made goods for truckers, hot rodders, outdoorsmen & women, motorcyclists, climbers, and adventuring souls. We offer a mix of products for folks that dig on vintage style and classic functional design!

Are frost cutlery knives any good?

Most people new to knives have trouble with a blade with that much belly. It is not a good general purpose design. I think I can pick up the identical knife, made by Frost Cutlery, from any flea market, for 30% of the cost! Okay, now that I’ve got that out of my system, let me consider the knife, based on it’s merits.

What is the best hunting knife for deer hunting?

Old Ram Gut Hook Deer Skinner Fixed Blade Sharp Hunting Camping Knife w./ Leather Sheath (BLP) . Only 3 left in stock – order soon. . . . . . . . Anna Home Collection AN-9013 Custom Made Damascus Steel Hunting Knife Pukka Wood Handle with Real Leather Sheath.

What do you think about the Ritter knuckler?

It has a superb lock that is easy to use, comes in good steels, and has a great blade for EDC purposes-especially the Ritter version. It’s not terribly expensive though it does cost more than the knuckler. There are 2 sizes of it as well, the small will be legal in most areas and the large still falls into legal in some areas.