Which version of Apocalypse Now is best?

Which version of Apocalypse Now is best?

While the Apocalypse Now Final Cut is a step up from the Redux, and some consider it on the same level as the original, the first theatrical cut will always be the definitive version and is the tightest and most focused edit, though no less bizarre even with the stranger sequences cut out.

What does Martin Sheen smoke in Apocalypse Now?

In one of the scenes that have been added to Francis Ford Coppola’s ”Apocalypse Now,” Captain Willard (Martin Sheen) smokes opium with a French widow (Aurore Clément) who lives in the crumbling imperial grandeur of her family’s remote jungle rubber plantation.

Why is Apocalypse Now so acclaimed?

It is a great story because it explores the darkest capabilities that lurk in each one of us, without reducing the subject to moralistic preaching. It was written by Joseph Conrad over one hundred years ago. The film transposes the location from colonial Africa to the Mekong River during the war in Vietnam.

Was the cow real in Apocalypse Now?

It really happened: The animal (a water buffalo, or carabao) was killed – but not for the film. The tribe in the film was a real indigenous tribe that lived in the area, and they had already decided to slaughter it. Coppola merely decided to film the event.

How fat was Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now?

In the screenplay for Apocalypse Now, writer John Milius turned the character into a strong and fit military man. When Marlon Brando showed up to the set, he fit neither description. According to stories, he weighed somewhere between 210 and 285 pounds – either way, he was overweight for the role.

What was the review of Apocalypse Now?

Total Film magazine gave the film a five-star review, stating: ‘This is the original cut rather than the 2001 ‘Redux’ (be gone, jarring French plantation interlude!), digitally restored to such heights you can, indeed, get a nose full of the napalm.’ Apocalypse Now performed well at the box office when it opened on August 15, 1979.

How many months did it take to make Apocalypse Now?

After a grueling 15-month shoot in the Philippines, Apocalypse Now was finally released on August 15, 1979. At the time, critics were sharply divided in their assessments of the film, but Francis Coppola’s visionary Vietnam War epic is now regarded as a modern classic.

Who are the actors in Apocalypse Now?

Apocalypse Now is a 1979 American epic war film about the Vietnam War, directed, produced and co-written by Francis Ford Coppola. It stars Marlon Brando, Robert Duvall, Martin Sheen, Frederic Forrest, Albert Hall, Sam Bottoms, Laurence Fishburne and Dennis Hopper.

How many minutes are in Apocalypse Now Redux?

Digitally remastered with 49 minutes of previously unseen footage, Apocalypse Now Redux is the reference standard of Francis Coppola’s 1979 epic. A metaphorical hallucination of the Vietnam War, the film was reconstructed by Coppola and editor Walter Murch to enrich themes and clarify the ending.