Which word part in the term Anacusis means little or without hearing?

Which word part in the term Anacusis means little or without hearing?

Anacusis — [AN-ah-KOO-sis] “An” is the Greek word for “not” or “without”. Thus an-acusis is “without hearing”—what we commonly call totally or completely deaf.

What is the medical term for being deaf?

Hearing loss. Other names. Deaf or Hard of hearing; anakusis or anacusis is total deafness. The international symbol of deafness and hearing loss.

What does Dacryorrhea mean?

excessive flow of tears
excessive flow of tears.

What is Odontorrhagia?

Profuse bleeding from the socket after the extraction of a tooth.

What does Phil mean in medical terms?

Combining forms denoting affinity for, craving for.

What is the politically correct term for deaf and dumb?

deaf mute
2. Words to use and avoid

Avoid Use
spastic person with cerebral palsy
able-bodied non-disabled
mental patient, insane, mad person with a mental health condition
deaf and dumb; deaf mute deaf, user of British Sign Language ( BSL ), person with a hearing impairment

What is a medical term for the phrase pertaining to the ear?

aural. [x] means pertaining to the ear. auditory.

What is Keratocentesis?

[ker″ah-to-sen-te´sis] puncture of the cornea, keratonyxis.

What is presbycusis caused by?

Presbycusis is usually a sensorineural hearing disorder. It is most commonly caused by gradual changes in the inner ear. The cumulative effects of repeated exposure to daily traffic sounds or construction work, noisy offices, equip- ment that produces noise, and loud music can cause sensorineural hearing loss.

What does Vesicul mean?

, vesicul- [L. vesicula, little bladder, vesicle] Prefixes meaning vesicle.

What does Ophthalm mean in medical terms?

Definition of ophthalm- 1 : eye : eyeball ophthalmotomy ophthalmectomy. 2 : of or affecting the eyes ophthalmocarcinoma ophthalmalgia.