Who else sang the climb?

Who else sang the climb?

Miley Cyrus
“The Climb” is a song performed by American singer Miley Cyrus, for the 2009 film Hannah Montana: The Movie. The song was written by Jessi Alexander and Jon Mabe, and produced by John Shanks….The Climb (song)

“The Climb”
Genre Country pop
Length 3:54
Label Hollywood Walt Disney
Songwriter(s) Jessi Alexander Jon Mabe

Who is the climb originally by?

Jessi Alexander
Jon Mabe
The Climb/Composers

What movie is The Climb by Miley Cyrus from?

Hannah Montana: The Movie
The Climb/Movie

Who sang the climb on the voice?

Carter Rubin
The Climb (The Voice Performance)/Artists

What genre is the climb?

Country music
Country pop
The Climb/Genres

Who is related to Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus
Parents Billy Ray Cyrus (father) Tish Cyrus (mother)
Relatives Ron Cyrus (grandfather) Trace Cyrus (brother) Noah Cyrus (sister) Brandi Cyrus (sister)
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Musical career

What is Hannah Montana real name?

Miley Ray Cyrus
Miley Cyrus, in full Miley Ray Cyrus, original name Destiny Hope Cyrus, (born November 23, 1992, Franklin, Tennessee, U.S.), American singer and actress whose performance on the television show Hannah Montana (2006–11) and its related soundtrack albums catapulted her into stardom.

Was the climb written for the Hannah Montana movie?

Songwriter Jessi Alexander and her co-writer Jon Mabe may be two of the briefest Grammy nominees in history: “The Climb” got pulled from the Best Song Written for a Motion Picture race yesterday, after Disney determined that it hadn’t been written specifically for the Miley Cyrus vehicle Hannah Montana: The Movie (as …

Who turned for Carter Rubin?

Carter was introduced on The Voice as a 14-year-old aspiring singer from Shoreham, New York. His Blind Audition performance of Lewis Capaldi’s “Before You Go” impressed coaches Gwen Stefani and John Legend, who both turned their chairs for him.

How old is Carter Rubin from The Voice?

Carter Rubin Age, Bio/Wiki

Real Name Carter Rubin
Age 16 Year Old
Height Centimeter: 125 cm Meter: 1.25 m Feet: 4.11
Weight 47 KG
Shoe Size 8 UK

Who wrote the climb Miley Cyrus?

The Climb/Composers

The song’s co-writer, Jessi Alexander, heard that voice a lot — even as the director of “Hannah Montana: The Movie” told her he wanted to make that song the musical centerpiece of the film. But while she and co-writer Jon Mabe were skeptical, it actually happened, and the song’s massive success changed their lives.

What genre is the song the climb by Sam Hunt?

“The Climb” is a country pop power ballad that incorporates soft rock and pop rock styles and lasts 3 minutes and 55 seconds. However, at two minutes and forty-five seconds, a “sudden, spiky burst of violins” enters the song, and the song switches to full power.

What is the tempo of the song the climb?

“The Climb” is set in common time at a moderate tempo of 80 beats per minute. The song is sung in the key of E major and Cyrus’s vocals span one and a half octaves, from E 3 to C♯ 5. The song uses a standard-issue ballad arrangement with the chord progression, E5–Asus2–F♯7sus.

When did the song the climb come out in Australia?

The song made its debut on the Australian Singles Chart at number 46 on April 19, 2009. After 10 weeks on the chart, “The Climb” reached number five on the chart, where it stayed for two consecutive weeks. “The Climb” was placed at number 84 on the decade-end Australian Singles Chart.

What is Miley Cyrus song the climb about?

The Climb (song) The song is a power ballad with lyrics that describe life as a difficult but rewarding journey. It is styled as a country pop ballad, and was Cyrus’ first solo song to be released to country radio. The instrumentation includes piano, guitar, and violins .