Who has the highest 3pt percentage in a season?

Who has the highest 3pt percentage in a season?

Korver, who shot 53.6% from beyond the arc in the 2009–10 season, holds the all-time record for three-point field goal percentage in a season.

What is a good FG%?

In basketball, a FG% of . 500 (50%) or above is considered a good percentage, although this criterion does not apply equally to all positions. Guards usually have lower FG% than forwards and centers. The NBA career record for field goal percentage is held by DeAndre Jordan at 0.675.

Is 40% FG good?

Simply put, for perimeter players (typically PG, SG, SF) an FG% of over 45% is considered good. For big men (PF, C) anywhere above 60% is considered good. However, it is a new era for basketball, known as small ball, where players of every position have gravitated more to the perimeter.

Who has the best 3pt percentage in NBA right now?

Three Point Percentage

1. P.J. TuckerMIA 46.6
2. Joe HarrisBKN 46.6
3. Eric GordonHOU 45.2
4. Keldon JohnsonSAS 44.3
5. Luke KennardLAC 44.1

How many 3s did Steve Kerr make?

Steve Kerr made 726 three-pointers in his career.

Steve Kerr 910 726

Who led the NBA in 3 point percentage 2021?

Playing for the Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry leads the NBA with a total of 192 3-pointers made in 39 games.

What is the average FG percentage?

NBA League Averages – Per Game

Per Game
Rk Season FG
3 2019-20 40.9
4 2018-19 41.1
5 2017-18 39.6

Has anyone ever shot 100% in the NBA?

Wilt Chamberlain has the most shot attempts in a game with a field-goal percentage of 100.0, with 18 attempts against the Baltimore Bullets on February 24, 1967.

Who has the best percentage in the NBA?


Rank Player FG%
1. DeAndre Jordan .6739
2. Rudy Gobert .6496
3. Clint Capela .6211
4. Montrezl Harrell .6183

What’s the average FG percentage in the NBA?

NBA League Averages – Per Game

Rk Season FG%
1 2021-22 .453
2 2020-21 .466
3 2019-20 .460

Who has the worst 3 point percentage in NBA history?

Charles Barkley has the lowest career three-point percentage when attempting 1,000+ three-pointers, at 26.6 percent.

Was Steve Kerr good?

In his first four seasons with Chicago, Kerr played in all 82 games and over his Bulls career, averaged 23.2 minutes and 8.2 points per game; Kerr ranks number two, five and eight all-time on the NBA’s list of single-season leaders in three-point shooting percentage.