Who is Adtrav?

Who is Adtrav?

ABOUT ADTRAV ADTRAV provides travel management solutions for corporate, government, and non-profit (NGO) travel. Through innovative technology, custom solutions, and thorough data reporting, we deliver increased efficiency and savings to our clients.

How does Adtrav work?

AdTrav will provide the contract carrier information and offer the lowest government contract carrier airfare, if this is too high, the traveler should then ask if a lower airfare is available including non-refundable airfares.

Where is Adtrav located?

Adtrav is headquartered in Birmingham, AL and has 33 office locations across 1 country.

Can I use Adtrav for personal travel?

No Worries! Through our vacations travel agency, Adventure Travel, ADTRAV can book leisure travel for anyone with a thirst for adventure or a need for relaxation.

What is the purpose of travel advertisement?

A travel advertisement is intended for the customers to book their travel with the travel agency/agent instead of choosing another company or doing it by them. Travel Ads play a major role in attracting tourist for a specific destination and planning a trip.

Why adtrav global partners?

With different languages, cultures, and currencies, supporting business travelers based abroad is one of the most difficult things in travel. Throw in the need for a technology solution to manage your program on a global level and it may seem impossible. That’s why we created ADTRAV Global Partners.

How do I contact adtrav travel help desk?

For navigational or log on assistance with RezDesk or GetThere, travelers should call the ADTRAV at 1-855-576-4781 and selecting option #1 for the Travel Help Desk or email them at [email protected]. ****I f you get to a blank screen email RezSupport [email protected] with your user and request a temp password.

What is an ad flyer?

Flyers are an affordable medium of promotion. The above file consists of three layouts of A4 magazine travel ad/flyer. It is designed in a basic white background with simple graphics. Download this file and easily prepare an ad flyer for your travel agency. 8. Travel Ad Example