Who is Allstream com?

Who is Allstream com?

About Allstream. Allstream is a leader in business communications throughout North America. Founded over 170 years ago in parallel with Canada’s first transcontinental railroad, Allstream continually re-invented itself to remain a leading provider of business communication services.

Is allstream a phone company?

Allstream is a business communications provider based in Mississauga, Ontario that provides IP connectivity, managed IP services, unified communications and voice services to its customers in the United States and Canada….Allstream Inc.

Type Subsidiary
Parent Zayo Group

What is Allstream business?

Allstream is a leader in business communications throughout the United States and Canada. As a single provider of voice and collaboration, connectivity and managed IT solutions, Allstream makes communication and collaboration easy.

Who bought Allstream?

Zayo Group Holdings, Inc.
– January 15, 2016 – Zayo Group Holdings, Inc. (“Zayo”) (NYSE: ZAYO), the global leader in Communications Infrastructure, today announced it has closed its acquisition of Allstream, Inc. (“Allstream”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Manitoba Telecom Services Inc. (TSX: MBT), for a purchase price of CAD $465 million.

What is Integra Telecom?

Integra Telecom of Minnesota, Inc. provides data communications, networking, and technology solutions. The Company offers data networking solutions, colocation, and cloud services. Integra Telecom of Minnesota serves customers in the United States.

Is Allstream owned by Zayo?

Allstream is a leading North American business telecommunications provider and a wholly owned subsidiary of Zayo Group. Today, Zayo Group announced that the company has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by two private equity firms: Digital Colony and EQT Infrastructure.

Is Allstream part of Zayo?

Allstream is a Zayo Group company and leverages Zayo’s deep and dense fiber network to fuel innovations that are transforming our society. Zayo’s metro and long haul fiber infrastructure spans ~13M miles and provides the foundation for a variety of connectivity products.

Is Integra the same as Allstream?

Integra is now part of Allstream.

What is Electric Lightwave Allstream?

www.electriclightwave.com. Electric Lightwave is the largest regional fiber-based network services provider in the western United States. The company provides critical data networking solutions, unified communications platforms, and cloud and security services to enterprises, governments and wholesale carriers.

Who owns ZAYO?

EQT Partners Digital Colony
In May 2019, Zayo Group agreed to be acquired by global investment firms EQT Partners and Digital Colony Partners in a deal valued at $14.3 billion….Zayo Group.

Type Private
Net income US$101.9 million (2018)
Total assets US$9.2 billion (2018)
Total equity US$1.4 billion (2018)
Owner EQT Partners Digital Colony

Is ZAYO publicly traded?

As a result of the transaction completion, Zayo is now a privately held company and its common stock has ceased trading on the NYSE. Founded in 2007, Zayo has grown through both organic investment and 45 acquisitions to become the leading independent provider of communications infrastructure.

What happened Integra Telecom?