Who owns Columbus Crew?

Who owns Columbus Crew?

Dee Haslam
While the saga around the Columbus Crew’s failed rebrand was resolved in a meeting between ownership and a group of eight supporters nearly a month ago, Crew co-owner Dee Haslam answered questions from the media on the rebrand for the first time on Tuesday, calling the endeavor a “misstep.”

Who owns Austin FC?

Anthony Precourt
Deep pockets and star power have helped get Austin FC up and running. While Anthony Precourt ultimately controls the club as majority owner, he assembled a group of largely local investors who come from a wide variety of backgrounds, from real estate to energy to technology.

How much are the Columbus Crew worth?

2021 MLS team valuations

Rank Team Valuation
Rank Team Valuation
9 Austin FC $575 million
10 Sporting Kansas City $550 million
11 Columbus Crew $540 million

How much did Austin FC cost?

Precourt Sports Ventures agreed to fully fund the $225 million stadium. No tax dollars paid for it. Finally, in 2019, Austin FC broke ground on its new home. Fans couldn’t wait, and neither could the team.

Is the Columbus Crew staying in Columbus?

The Crew is no longer Columbus SC or Columbus Crew SC. It’s Columbus Crew. Crew fans told the club’s ownership and front office they made a massive mistake with the club’s rebranding of its name and logo. The team apparently listened.

What state is Columbus Crew?

Columbus, OH
Columbus Crew/Locations

Is Matthew McConaughey an owner of Austin FC?

Austin FC is owned by Two Oak Ventures, formerly known as Precourt Sports Ventures, which is led by CEO Anthony Precourt. Other investing partners in Two Oak Ventures include actor Matthew McConaughey, local entrepreneur Eduardo Margain, former Dell executive Marius Haas, and energy entrepreneur Bryan Sheffield.

How much do Austin FC players make?

Austin FC player salaries/compensation in 2021 (in 1,000 U.S. dollars)

Characteristic Payroll in thousand U.S. dollars
Sebastion Driussi 2,688.42
Cecilio Dominguey#z 1,736
Alexander Ring 1,095
Danny Hoesen 716.68

Who owns the crew?

Columbus Crew

Full name Columbus Crew
Capacity 20,371
Owners Dee and Jimmy Haslam JW and Whitney Johnson Pete Edwards
President Tim Bezbatchenko
Head coach Caleb Porter

Do MLS teams make money?

MLS is still early in its life cycle with revenue a fraction of what major global soccer leagues generate. The 24 MLS teams in existence during the 2019 season produced $1.1 billion in revenue, including distributions from the league (2020 was an estimated $468 million for 26 teams).

What team does Will Ferrell own?

Los Angeles FC
On January 7, 2016, it was announced that Ferrell would become a part-owner of Los Angeles FC, a Major League Soccer team set to begin playing in 2018, one of several celebrity owners of the team alongside Mia Hamm and Magic Johnson.

Does MLS own the teams?

Major League Soccer MLS employs a single-entity structure as their business model, in which teams and player contracts are centrally owned by the league. MLS teams do not have owners in the traditional sense, instead, they have investor-operators that are shareholders in the league.

Who is Precourt Sports Ventures LLC?

Precourt, who had a stated interest in soccer, formed Precourt Sports Ventures LLC in 2012 and looked to invest in Major League Soccer. The firm bought the Columbus Crew SC from Clark Hunt for $68 million, then a record for a MLS franchise.

What does Jay Precourt own now?

Jay Anthony Precourt Jr. (born c. 1969–70) is an American investor and sports team owner. He is the CEO of Two Oak Ventures (formerly Precourt Sports Ventures), a group that owns Major League Soccer club Austin FC and formerly owned Columbus Crew SC, an MLS soccer organization.

How did Precourt start his company?

He then started his own private equity firm, Precourt Capital Management, in 2008, focusing on the energy sector. Precourt, who had a stated interest in soccer, formed Precourt Sports Ventures LLC in 2012 and looked to invest in Major League Soccer.

Who is Precourt’s wife?

Precourt Sports Ventures was rebranded as Two Oak Ventures in July 2019, with Precourt remaining as CEO, and six Austin-based owners were added the following month. Precourt lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife Agatha and three children.