Who played the secretary in Absolutely Fabulous?

Who played the secretary in Absolutely Fabulous?

Jane Horrocks as Edina’s utterly brainless personal assistant Bubble also features frequently. The first three series of Absolutely Fabulous were broadcast on the BBC from 1992 to 1995, followed by a series finale in the form of a two-part special entitled The Last Shout, in 1996.

Has Bubbles from Ab Fab died?

Dame June Whitfield – celebrated for her comic roles in BBC sitcom Terry and June and cult favourite Absolutely Fabulous – has died aged 93.

Does Jane Horrocks play two characters in Ab Fab?

Bubble is one of the major characters in the BBC programme Absolutely Fabulous, played by Jane Horrocks….

Actor Jane Horrocks
Occupation Personal Assistant for Edina
Family Katy Grin (Cousin)

How tall is Jane Horrocks?

5′ 2″
Jane Horrocks/Height

Who plays saffron Ab Fab?

Julia Sawalha
Saffron Monsoon (portrayed by Julia Sawalha), commonly referred to as Saffy, is Edina and Justin’s daughter. According to her passport shown in “Paris” (series 4, episode 3), Saffron was born on 17 March 1975.

Who was Edina Monsoon based on?

Lynne Franks
Lynne Franks was honoured by the Prince of Wales for her services to business, fashion and women’s empowerment. Her lifestyle is said to have been used as the inspiration for character Edina Monsoon in the BBC sitcom. The 70-year-old from Wincanton, Somerset, said her OBE was “an award for all women”.

Who does Patsy marry in Absolutely Fabulous?

Patsy Stone
Gender Female (female-to-male transgender for only one year in the 1960s)
Occupation Former fashion model Magazine fashion director Buyer for Jeremy’s Former pornographic actress
Family Mother (deceased) Jackie (sister; deceased)
Spouse Edina Monsoon Baroness Lubliana (pretending to be a man, “Pat”, in Cannes)

How old is Edina Ab Fab?

Edina Monsoon Edwina Margaret Rose Monsoon (portrayed by Jennifer Saunders), an only child, was born on 6 August 1951 in London, although she turns 40 on screen in December 1992 (when Saunders herself was 34).

Who is Lulu Absolutely Fabulous?

Lulu Kennedy-Cairns
Lulu Kennedy-Cairns is best known by her stage name Lulu. She is a Scottish singer (best known for the song “To Sir With Love”). She is also an actress, and television personality.

Is Horrocks a small business?

If you want to understand how Horrocks became what it is, and anticipate where it’s headed, first take a closer look at the Horrocks family and their humble beginnings. The business started small.

What is the name of the assistant in Absolutely Fabulous?

Bubble is one of the major characters in the BBC programme Absolutely Fabulous, played by Jane Horrocks . She is Eddy’s personal assistant. The character speaks with a strong Lancashire accent, exhibits a daft fashion sense, is emaciated like her brain (as stated by Patsy Stone ), and acts in an apparently foolish manner.

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