Why do the bats congregate at the Congress Street bridge?

Why do the bats congregate at the Congress Street bridge?

The first major bat column to emerge normally exits along the river edge at the southeast end of the bridge, with the column heading east along the river. Because this is where bats are first seen, visitors tend to congregate there for viewing.

How many bats fly out of the Congress Bridge in Austin?

1.5 million bats
The Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge, located in the heart of downtown Austin, hosts the largest urban bat colony in the world, estimated at 1.5 million bats. It is a maternity colony, and female Mexican free-tailed bats raise an estimated 750,000 pups each year at the bridge.

Where is the best place to watch bats in Austin?

Congress Avenue bridge
The walkway on the east side of the Congress Avenue bridge offers the best vantage point for watching the bats emerge and fly eastward over Lady Bird Lake. The hillside below the bridge is a little more kid-friendly since you can spread out a blanket and even have a picnic while you wait.

Why does Austin have so many bats?

Why are there so many bats in Austin, Texas? Without fail since the early 1980s, bats have long frequented the migration route between Austin, Northern, and Central Mexico. In fact, Mexican free-tailed bats have been called Austin their second home dating back to the late 1800s.

Do the Austin bats fly every night?

The bats do continue to fly out every single night, but some nights they are very difficult to see. By the first week of November, the bats have begun to migrate, for it is starting to get cold and there is low visibility. Every morning, the bats return to the bridge about 30 minutes before sunrise.

Why are there so many bats in Austin?

Do the Austin bats always come out?

Do the bats fly every night in Austin?

What is white nose syndrome?

White-nose syndrome is an emergent disease of hibernating bats that has spread from the northeastern to the central United States at an alarming rate. Since the winter of 2007-2008, millions of insect-eating bats in at least 37 states and seven Canadian provinces have died from this devastating disease.

What time do the Congress bats come out?

The Congress Bridge Bats make their nightly departure 30-60 minutes before sunset. During bat season this can range from 7:30PM – 9:00PM because the sun sets at different times through the year.

Do the bats in Austin ever not fly?

What happened to the bats on Congress Avenue Bridge?

Large numbers of bats began roosting in the Congress Avenue Bridge in the early 1980s, shortly after it was renovated. Few people understood how valuable the bats were, and many feared them. It took a lot of effort by Bat Conservation International and other bat-friendly folks to help turn the tide of public opinion.

Are drones allowed on Congress Avenue Bridge?

After the latest bat strike event (in Sept 2020) that killed and injured numerous bats at Congress Avenue Bridge, we asked Texas Parks and Wildlife and the City of Austin to limit amateur drone usage at the bridge and ensure that drones keep a safe distance from the bats. Here in May 2021 is the result. Thanks y’all!

What time of day do bats come out on Congress Avenue?

From March to October, 1.5 million bats emerge nightly from narrow crevices in the underside of the Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge. They usually start to emerge from the bridge around 20 minutes before sundown.

Where can you see bats fly in New York City?

Visitors and residents alike line up nightly on the Congress Avenue Bridge to witness the bats fly out from beneath the bridge, forming a surreal dark cloud as they ascend into the night sky. Arrive early for a front row spot (the sidewalk gets crowded) and be sure to face the east, as the bats will fly out in that direction.