Why does Holden hate the word grand?

Why does Holden hate the word grand?

Holden hates the word “grand” with a passion. To him, it’s the epitome of everything that’s false, fake, and—his favorite word—phony. It’s the kind of word that always seems to be used as a euphemism, to make something seem much better than it really is.

Why is Holden blind when he calls Sally What is her reaction when she answers the phone?

What is her reaction when she answers the phone? Holden is drunk when he calls Sally. Sally is annoyed, angry.

Why does the little boy singing make Holden feel better?

Holden then mentions that the boy singing makes him feel better and less depressed about life. Holden enjoys the child in his natural element singing because it is a celebration of youth, which is something Holden has an affinity for and identifies with.

Why did Holden call the woman who cried at the movie a phony?

Why did Holden think the woman who cried though the movie was a phony? Even though she seemed kind and sensitive for crying, she didn’t care about her son that wanted to go to the bathroom, which makes Holden believe she is a phony.

Why does Holden think actors are phony?

In chapter sixteen, Holden mentions that he hates actors because they never act like people but believe that they do. Although Holden admits that some of the good actors slightly resemble the way people naturally behave, he does not find them fun to watch.

What was Holden’s opinion of actors *?

What was Holden’s opinion of actors? He said they were the biggest phonies of all.

Who does Holden think is phony?

Holden expands his definition of phony to include anyone who is not 100% genuine at all times or that he doesn’t like. People who are charismatic, wealthy, attractive, friendly to others, or superficial are phonies according to Holden.

What does the last line of Catcher in the Rye mean?

If you do, you start missing everybody

Why does seeing the little boy walking with his family cheer Holden spirits?

Seeing the little boy walking with his family cheers Holden’s spirits because the sight of them being so relaxed and care free makes Holden want to be relaxed and care free like them. It gave him the idea that he shouldn’t be so stressed and depressed, and he should just not care about what people say.