Why is Eurotrip so bad?

Why is Eurotrip so bad?

Eurotrip (92 minutes, at area theaters) is rated R for sexuality, nudity, obscenity and drug and alcohol use. Scott Mechlowicz in a movie that aims for — and lands in — the Eurotrashcan.

Is Bratislava like Eurotrip?

Bratislava is home to beautiful architecture, a great selection of places to eat and drink and a cracking atmosphere – it certainly is as far-removed from its portrayal in EuroTrip as can be. From what we’ve seen so far, tonight’s outing should be a good one.

Where was Bratislava filmed in Eurotrip?

All scenes were filmed in Prague, Czech Republic, especially in the streets close to the Rudolfinum.

Where do they go in Eurotrip?

In fact, many parts, including Jeffrey Tambor’s, were filled because the actors were already shooting in Prague, where EuroTrip was filmed….+ You can, in part, thank Barney for the robot fight scene.

type Movie
mpaa R
runtime 96 minutes
director Alec Berg David Mandel

Is EuroTrip a sequel to roadtrip?

Is EuroTrip not part of the Road Trip series? EuroTrip is a similar-style teen comedy but it is not part of the Road Trip series. The reason some people mistakenly believe it is part of the same series is because EuroTrip was promoted as ‘from the producers of Road Trip’ – but this is the only connection.

Was EuroTrip a sequel?

Eurotrip is a pointless sequel to a mediocre comedy.

How bad is Bratislava?

Bratislava is a safe city to visit. Crime rates are low, even by European standards and violent crime is almost non-existent. Still, bear in mind that they tend to roam around the city and tourist-frequented areas.

What currency is Bratislava?

the euro
The currency of Slovakia is the euro.

Did Matt Damon sing Scotty doesnt know?

The movie slowly became a cult classic over the years, thanks in part to an iconic cameo from Matt Damon and a song called “Scotty Doesn’t Know” that went viral in the days long before internet memes. Cloutman’s band, Lustra, performed the song for the movie’s soundtrack and Damon lip-synched to it during his scene.

Is Scotty doesn’t know a real song?

“Scotty Doesn’t Know” is a song written and performed by the American rock band Lustra. Originally written for the 2004 film EuroTrip, the song contains numerous lewd and humorous references to how Scotty’s girlfriend, Fiona, has been cheating on him with other partners for an extended period of time.

Is EuroTrip related to roadtrip?

Is EuroTrip not part of the Road Trip series? EuroTrip is a similar-style teen comedy but it is not part of the Road Trip series.

Is EuroTrip a good movie?

Eurotrip is a disappointment that is one of the worst comedies ever made. This is a film that doesn’t add anything to the first film and is unrelated. This is just another example of a film that tries to cash in on a successful (but not good) first film.

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