Why Renuka Agri Foods plc?

Why Renuka Agri Foods plc?

Renuka Agri Foods PLC & Renuka Agri Organics Ltd, are the leading manufacturers, marketers & exporters of Coconut based food and beverages from Sri Lanka. Our quality measures are of stringent standards and are not compromised at any point, right from the raw material purchases to delivery of goods.

What is the history of Renuka Holdings plc?

RENUKA HOLDINGS PLC is a diversified organization listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange and is the holding company for subsidiaries engaged in Agri Food, Organic Plantations, FMCG, Dairy, Property & Investment, tracing its roots to 1866. One of the most respected entities in Sri Lanka. Within the top 100 firms in Sri Lanka as per LMD.

Why choose Renuka foods?

We contribute over Rupees 2.5 Bn to the rural economy annually. Renuka Foods operates seven state-of-the-art factories and warehouses, eight collection and processing centres and two plantations, all catering towards servicing the wants and needs of clients spread across 61 countries worldwide and over 70,000 outlets throughout Sri Lanka.

Who is Renuka teas Ceylon?

Renuka Teas Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd is dedicated to the value addition of Ceylon tea, Cinnamon, Moringa and Turmeric in various forms for export markets. Renuka Teas Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd has a century of experience tracing its roots to Bois Bros. and Co. Ltd, a pioneer in Ceylon tea, established in 1891.