Why was Kid vs Kat Cancelled?

Why was Kid vs Kat Cancelled?

You know Disney XD cancelled Kid vs Kat, right? Well, it’s basically due to financial problems. The show’s creator, Rob Boutilier, said so as well. I was basically sneaking into Studio B Productions and just ran into Rob Boutilier on the way in.

Is Kid vs Kat over?

The show created by Rob Boutilier. It’s about a boy named Coop who battles with his little sister’s (Millie) cat named Kat. The series premiered in Canada on YTV on October 25, 2008 and in the United States on Disney XD on February 21, 2009. The series ended on June 4, 2011.

Who owns Kid vs Kat?

Studio B Productions

Kid vs. Kat
Production company Studio B Productions
Distributor Worldwide Decode Enterprises Europe/Middle East Jetix Europe and Disney-ABC International Television
Original network Canada YTV US & International Jetix/Disney XD

When did Kid vs Kat?

Oct 25, 2008
Series Details

TV Network: YTV
Premiere Date: Oct 25, 2008
Genre: Kids family
Executive producers: Blair Peters , Chris Bartleman

What happened to coops mom in Kid vs Kat?

What happened to Coop and Millie’s Mother is unknown. Several episodes show him as a child during flashbacks. Along with Old Lady Munson, he also serves as the comic-relief of the show.

What happened in last episode of Kid vs Kat?

June 4, 2011
KiD vs KaT/Final episode date

What is the last episode of Kid vs. Kat?

Kat to the Future
KiD vs KaT/Latest episode

What happened to coops mom in Kid vs. Kat?

What is the last episode of Kid vs Kat?

Where does Kid vs Kat take place?

Kat Planet
He is an alien of a planet called Kat Planet (home of an entire race of sapient felines).

Who plays Coop mom on all American?

Janelle Cooper (Judith Scott) is a Character in “All American”. is the mother of Tamia “Coop” Cooper; as well as the wife of Reggie Cooper.

How many episodes of Kid vs Kat are there?

KiD vs KaT/Number of episodes

What is Kid vs Kat season 1 about?

Kid vs. Kat, Season 1 on iTunes Smart, observant and all-around-nice-kid Coop has a pretty decent set up at home, until his sister, master manipulator Millie, brings home a box of pure evil — a tiny hairless Kat. This creature of insane malevolence is hell-bent on destroying Coop.

What happened in Kat to the Future Part 1?

Kat to the Future Part 1: Coop uses Kat’s time machine to go back to the past and stop Millie from bringing Kat home, but ends up altering the future for the worse. Kat to the Future Part 2: Coop tries to undo the Kat invasion, which he brought about by fooling with Kat’s time machine.

What happened to Coop and Kat?

Coop goes into Kat’s brain to mess with Kat’s dreams to make them his worst nightmare, but it’s a big nightmare for Coop. Kat distracts Honeyfluff with a laser, and this makes Coop be attacked by Phoebe’s cat. Lions And Tigers And Kat… Oh My! Kat gets up close and personal with the exhibits on a family trip to the zoo.